The Trailblazer

2019-2020 Staff

Ms. Apanosian


Ms. Apanosian is in her second year of advising the Trailblazer. She was a journalism major at Seton Hall, and is thrilled to be using her knowledge to build a social media presence with the paper. A well-informed citizen makes...

Ms. Pfleging


Ms. Pfleging is in her third year as an advisor to The Trailblazer. She firmly believes that every topic can be localized, and that journalism should be fun for all involved. Everybody has a story to tell; Ms. Pfleging is thrilled...

Sofia Papadopoulos

Editor in Chief

Sofia Papadopoulos is a current Senior at Hills and the Editor in Chief alongside Traub. She spent her years on the Trailblazer as School News Editor and College Corner Editor while writing away for any section she could She is...

Jared Mitovich

Opinion Editor

Jared is the opinion editor of the Trailblazer. A junior in high school, Jared loves writing about politics and in-depth pieces. He is a member of the debate team and also likes to code. If you‘ve got an opinion, he wants to...

Simmie Brisman

School News Editor

Simmie Brisman is a junior at Pascack Hills. She is the editor for the school news section of the Trailblazer. She enjoys writing human interest articles about important people at our school. She’s excited for a great year for...

Avery Paulen

Life & Style Editor

Avery Paulen is a senior and co-editor of the Life and Style section. Her favorite activities include writing, traveling, and playing tennis. She loves to go to New York City to try some of the newest trends in food, as well as...

Mackenzie Blowers

College Corner Editor

Mackenzie Blowers is a junior at Pascack Hills High School and college corner editor for the 2019-2020 school year. With interests in business, writing, and activities occurring at Hills, Mackenzie actively tries to write from...

Suha Niyas

In-Depth Editor

Suha Niyas is a senior at Pascack Hills High School and the In-Depth editor of the Trailblazer newspaper. Being a writer for the newspaper for four years and an editor for three, she hopes to pass down any knowledge to her peers...

Siera Boffa

Social Media Editor