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Streaming & Screaming

Streaming & Screaming

October 20, 2015

How Much is Too Much?

October 6, 2015

Who You Should Vote for (or Pretend to Vote for) in the Presidential Election

Marley Scheld

September 15, 2015

Filed under Current Events, Humor, Opinion

With the presidential election coming up in November 2016, teenagers in America are asking many questions. Can Hillary Clinton become the first female president? What will my future in education look like? Is Donald Trump really...

To Censor or Not to Censor?

Jamie Spelling

September 15, 2015

Filed under Opinion, School News

Pascack Hills High School is a place of trust. Students are trusted to work at bistro tables in hallways, to take tests in teacher-less classrooms, and even to leave campus for lunch. Yet, there remains one area of Hills that ...

Reflecting on the Pascack Period

Jackson Cianciulli

June 8, 2015

Filed under Opinion, Opinion, School News

It is safe to say that upon seeing our schedules in the beginning of summer last year, a majority of the Pascack Hills students were very confused about many things. For starters, there was now a unit lunch, whereas last year’s...

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