Meet the BOE candidate: Debra Stephans

Debra Stephans is a Montvale resident who is running for Board of Education reelection. She discussed her goals, priorities, and changes she wishes to see made.

Stephans’s goals and priorities for the upcoming year

“One of the major goals and priorities we have for the upcoming year is to find a superintendent.  This is one of the most significant responsibilities that our BOE has and each board member will take part in this process. We are currently working on selecting the most appropriate search firm for our district.”

The skills Stephans has that she thinks are useful to be a BOE member 

“I am an attorney by way of education and training and I think this enables me to read through policies and procedures and provide feedback on them. In addition, having the background of working with different organizations such as the Junior League of Bergen County and the Montvale Mayor’s Advisory Committee, I have had prior experience working with others on other committees and boards. I am [also] a professor at Berkeley College and this I believe helps me to understand more of the perspective with regard to students, teachers, and our schools in general. Additionally, I was a deputy attorney general for the department of law in public safety and I represented public agencies. I believe that this background also provides insight for this board position. We are fortunate to have so many diverse professionals on our BOE as each individual trustee contributes through their own professional and personal experiences. This truly allows for a broader perspective on all of the issues that our BOE may face.” 

What Stephans hopes to see change from last year

“There is always room for improvement but I am proud of this BOE. I have only been working with the present board members for a short period of time, we are all like minded in that we all want what is in the best interest of our students, faculty, staff and community at large. We all want our schools to provide academic excellence in preparing our students for college and the workforce. We want our students to feel safe and secure both inside and outside of  the classroom. Most of all, we want to teach our students that they are all unique individuals, that their voice matters, and that diversity is what makes our world a better place. Although we may not always agree on this board, we learn, grow and come together as one.”

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