The Trailblazer


Reporting with Hills Pride

In an increasingly mobile and social society, the Trailblazer must find ways to keep up and reach out to our focal audience, which always has been and always will be the community of Pascack Hills High School. The work of the Trailblazer will spark necessary conversations throughout the community, forming a network of high school students that make a difference. Our newspaper covers all aspects of Pascack Hills with new perspectives to create a source for interesting, unbiased news. The first and most vital thing that a journalist must be is curious. It is our job to tell the stories of students that would never have a platform to share their story. With 800 students in this school, there are 800 different stories to tell. Our publication gains respect and trust if we can continue to hold true to the professional principles that are the foundation for this paper. The Trailblazer strives to inform the Pascack Hills High School community, provoke conversations and debates, and provide an inside look of student and community life. The editorial board encourages the honesty and perseverance of its writers and provides a critical yet creative outlet for the expression of ideas.

At the end of an article, we want the reader to sit back for a second and feel something. That’s the goal.