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Ms. Katherine Donahue
'It was a whirlwind': students, staff tackle unusual school year
Briana Keenan, In-Depth Editor • September 18, 2020
Hills students, administrators, and teachers have had many different challenges with the “new norm” of school. It has consisted of many changes, but it is slowly becoming a routine.
Paspalas coaching wrestling during his first year at Hills in 1989.
Concluding three decades at Hills, Paspalas reflects on past and present challenges
Jared Mitovich, Editor-in-Chief • September 16, 2020
Three Hills seniors walk to school on their first in-person day of the 2020-21 school year.
Entering senior year during the Covid-19 pandemic
Mackenzie Blowers, Editor-in-Chief • September 14, 2020
Over 200 protesters for racial equity from around the region marched from the Woodcliff Lake borough hall to the Woodcliff Lake train station.
Police reform, mascot removal underscored at racial equity rally in Woodcliff Lake
Jared Mitovich, Editor-in-Chief • June 27, 2020
A protester holds a sign at the racial equity rally in Woodcliff Lake.
Media: Racial equity march held in Woodcliff Lake on Saturday
Jared Mitovich, Stephen Schmidt, and Aria Chalileh • June 27, 2020
The Pascack Valley Regional High School District Board of Education, which held a meeting Thursday on Zoom focusing on the removal of the Cowboy and Indian mascots at Hills and Valley.
Amid vocal praise and criticism, Board says Cowboy and Indian mascot removal is final
Lauren Eusebio and Briana Keenan June 25, 2020
Pascack Hills students attend a protest in the school’s parking lot to speak out against changing the Cowboy mascot.
Protests, petitions, and public outcry after Cowboy mascot removed
Izzy Frangiosa, Sports Editor • June 25, 2020
Protests against the removal of the Cowboy as Pascack Hills
Media: Community members protest against removal of Cowboy as Hills' mascot
Stephen Schmidt, Maeve Rossig, and Jared Mitovich June 23, 2020
Students write the names of African Americans killed by police brutality in parking lot spaces on Hills
In photos: Students and faculty write names of police brutality victims in Hills parking lot
Stephen Schmidt, Staff Photographer • June 8, 2020


Paspalas in 2018. He has been with the district for over 13 years.
Phil Paspalas, Hills assistant principal and athletic director, to retire in 2021
Jared Mitovich and Izzy Frangiosa August 31, 2020
"Mr. Paspalas is a unique and special individual, a real huge part of what makes Pascack Hills so special," Superintendent Erik Gundersen said at the Board meeting where his retirement was approved.
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Pascack Hills and every school in New Jersey were closed from March 13 through the end of the 2019-20 school year.
'No 100% guarantees': Board approves plan to reopen schools
Jared Mitovich, Editor-in-Chief • August 17, 2020
Students and teachers who choose to will attend school in-person for the first time since March under a rotating hybrid schedule.
The July 23 Board meeting addressed pressing issues facing the district, including the reopening of Hills, the mascot removal, and racial equity efforts.
School reopening, mascot removal, Black Lives Matter discussed at July 23 Board meeting
Jared Mitovich, Editor-in-Chief • July 23, 2020
Hills is preparing for a new school year unlike any other, but the community remains divided on recent decisions made by the Board and district administration.
The Hills cheerleading team practices on August 24. Pre-season practice recently resumed for many Hills student-athletes.
Hills athletes, coaches prepare for a sports season like no other
Izzy Frangiosa, Sports Editor • August 24, 2020

Ever since March, education has been redefined again and again. As the coronavirus swept across the globe and left a terrifying trail in its wake, students were regulated to online...

The Pascack Hills baseball team after capturing their second consecutive state championship in 2019.
What comes next for spring sports at Hills?
Jacob Charnow, Sports Editor • May 12, 2020
The Hills baseball team will miss out on a chance for a three-peat state championship this year. Beloved trips for spring sports, including for baseball and softball to Myrtle Beach, have been canceled.
It is important to support yourself physically while at home. Although it might not have the same equipment as a gym, improvising and doing something is better than nothing.
How to stay active during quarantine
Izzy Frangiosa, Sports Editor • May 4, 2020
As we enter the umpteenth month of quarantine, it’s important to find a way to keep our bodies healthy despite the craziness of the world around us. 
Cowboy and Indian history contributes to broader mascot debate
Cowboy and Indian history contributes to broader mascot debate
Briana Keenan and Kate Zydor July 15, 2020
There is a lengthy –– and recent –– history between cowboys and Native Americans; accurate or not, they are one of the most well-known rivalries in American culture.
The closest comparison to the week of March 9 is when the school is expecting a snowstorm to hit. This time, the forecast met the agitation that preceded it.
Capturing the week of March 9, when our world changed
Jared Mitovich, Editor-in-Chief • June 16, 2020
The closest comparison to the week of March 9 is when the school is expecting a snowstorm to hit. This time, the forecast met the agitation that preceded it.
Dance company Alvin Ailey’s post about speaking up in support of Black Lives Matter.
Dance community fights for Black lives, racial justice
Briana Keenan, In-Depth Editor • June 5, 2020
The dance and arts communities have taken a noticeable stance on the current events. Choreographers, teachers, and students from all across the United States have come together to stand up for the Black community. 
Dozens of Hills students of all races have vocalized their concern over issues raised by George Floyd
Say his name: George Floyd
Lauren Eusebio, Opinion Editor • June 1, 2020
Opinion: Those with the privilege of not being racially profiled by police should make it their duty to stand by the Black community in this pursuit by signing petitions, calling numbers, and donating at the least. This should not be political, as murder is simply not a controversial issue.
The fall Pascack Hills pep rally, the first where the Class of 2020 were seniors.
From a senior during the coronavirus pandemic
Sofia Papadopoulos, Editor-in-Chief • May 9, 2020
These are the small things, often overlooked, that we are all upset about, as they are the last moments we have together.
A silhouette in front of a common virtual background offered by Zoom, a video conferencing service. Some students choose to turn off their camera or mute their microphone during virtual classes.
How virtual learning is obfuscating self-image
Claudia Kim, Opinion Editor • April 29, 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has restricted learning to the personal realm of one’s home. The 21st century’s technological mastery has allowed for...

While many say acknowledging the situation and contacting the students is good, many students have been urging their schools to take further action. 
'Now is the time for action': colleges respond to protests
Riley Solomon, College Corner Editor
Dear Class of 2020 | National Commitment Day
Dear Class of 2020 | National Commitment Day
Sofia Papadopoulos, Editor-in-Chief
Study materials for the SAT, including the Barron
Covid-19 disrupts standardized testing, forcing colleges to accommodate
Lauren Eusebio, Opinion Editor
This recipe for healthy crepes tastes delicious with banana on top and fresh strawberries inside.
Simmie's Healthy Recipes: How to make delicious crepes
Simmie Brisman, School News Editor
A chalk creation in Woodcliff Lake reminding residents to stay home. During quarantine, families have adjusted to the increased time spent together.
Families adjust to new normal in quarantine
Aidan Berson, Staff Writer
For Taurus, during this quarantine, you should also take time to get to know yourself all while letting your creativity flow because this will bring you a newly found clarity of your life.
May horoscopes
Nicole Ensmann, Staff Writer
The new Netflix show Outer Banks is ranked highly among most viewers, and even though the show isn’t confirmed for a second season, writers are preparing a script due to the show’s clear success. 
What Outer Banks fans want in a second season
Justine Marinkovic, Arts and Entertainment Editor • May 18, 2020
If students feel like watching a show or movie with friends, since they can’t be together, Netflix Party can be a helpful tool.
What to watch on Netflix while in social isolation
Caity Parkes, Staff Writer • May 7, 2020
The Richard Rodgers Theatre on West 46th Street in July 2019. The Broadway theatre, which is closed because of the coronavirus, has hosted productions such as In The Heights, Romeo and Juliet, and Hamilton.
The fall of Broadway
Justine Marinkovic, Arts and Entertainment Editor • April 28, 2020