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Hills junior Dylan Reissman golfing. He has traveled to Florida in order to improve his game this school year.
Isolated from friends and family, Dylan Reissman makes a big swing
February 26, 2021
After the pandemic canceled his sophomore year of golf, the Hills varsity golf captain is preparing to have his best season yet.
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One of the drop-boxes for the book drive in the Pascack Hills lobby.
Interact club hosts first-ever book drive at Hills
February 26, 2021
The book drive is being held until March 5. Students and staff are able to donate gently used books in drop boxes in the lobby.
Hills students cheer for their fellow students at a pep rally during the 2019-20 school year.
Broncos wins school-wide vote for Hills' mascot
February 25, 2021
The decision needs to be approved by the Board of Education, which could happen as early as March 8.
The choices for Hills
Hills students, staff voice thoughts on mascot options
February 24, 2021
The Trailblazer heard from students and staff at Hills before they have the chance to vote for their top mascot preference on Thursday, Feb. 25.
Last June, the Board of Education voted to remove Pascack Hills
Mascot search committee reveals final three choices for Hills' mascot
February 22, 2021
The choices were announced at the Board of Education's Feb. 22 meeting. Their rationale was explained in an email to students and staff before they vote on Feb. 25.
Hills boys
Hills boys' basketball off to 10-0 start
February 26, 2021
Senior Aidan Kehoe recorded 28 points, 22 rebounds, and 2 blocks.
The girls
The beginning of a bowling dynasty at Hills
February 23, 2021
Students at Hills have struggled to do the things they love because of the pandemic. Fortunately, bowling has remained just as exciting –– and maybe even more.
The lack of moniker that both the Washington Football Team and Pascack Hills currently share does not equate to a lack of identity.
The Washington Football Team, and what it means to change a mascot
February 3, 2021
“Although we have been without a mascot for the fall and winter sports seasons, I don't believe that we struggled with our identity,” said Hills Athletic Director Phil Paspalas.
Pascack Recap
Amelia Earhart is well known for being a female pilot, but there is another female pilot who is less known: Bessie Coleman. She was the first Black female pilot, and she encouraged other Black people to pursue flying as she did.
Black history in America, and how it is covered in the classroom
February 9, 2021
Hills sophomore Allanah Mednard thinks more Black history should be taught in schools. “Many actors, athletes, and musicians have made strides in their industries that had just as great an effect as abolitionists and activists.”
Larry King, a self-described "infotainer," on the set of his CNN TV show "Larry King Live" in 2010.
Over 50,000 interviews: Larry King and his legacy
January 27, 2021
"[H]e was really observant of the world around him and valued what others had to say," said Hills sophomore Hannah Baskin.
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