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  • New Jersey has reported over 155,000 coronavirus cases, including 117 in Woodcliff Lake and 76 in Montvale.
  • Governor Murphy announced schools can host outside graduations with social distancing beginning July 6.
The Trailblazer has chosen its editors for the 2020-21 school year. By row from left to right: Briana Keenan, Vani Apanosian (advisor), Simmie Brisman, Kate Zydor; Jared Mitovich, Riley Solomon, Maeve Rossig, Christina Kim; Daniel Albert, Justine Marinkovic, Mackenzie Blowers, Lauren Eusebio; Izzy Frangiosa, Claudia Kim, Jacob Charnow, and Siera Boffa.
Trailblazer chooses editors for 2020-21 school year
Briana Keenan, In-Depth Editor • May 27, 2020
After interviews on Google Meet, the Trailblazer has filled its editor positions for the next school year.
What junior Liz Mashini
AP students at Hills encounter errors submitting virtual exams
Jared Mitovich, Editor-in-Chief • May 14, 2020
"It said I didn't give a response," Noah Hirshfield explained. AP students at Hills reported issues submitting their virtual exams and have no apparent choice but to retake them in June.
Stern and Bow in Closter, NJ, like many other restaurants, has been deeply affected by the pandemic.
'We only have five people working'
Nicole Ensmann, Staff Writer • May 10, 2020
Stern and Bow is trying to keep business rolling by offering two different ways of getting food to their customers as well as changing their menu in order to fit certain regulations. 
The 2018 Pascack Hills graduation. Superintendent Erik Gundersen said any in-person graduation this year would have to be held outdoors.
District announces tentative graduation plan to Class of 2020 students and parents
Jared Mitovich, Editor-in-Chief • May 7, 2020
On Thursday, Superintendent Erik Gundersen announced a tentative plan for graduation, scheduled for June 16, in an email to the students and parents of the Pascack Hills Class of 2020.
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The Pascack Hills baseball team after capturing their second consecutive state championship in 2019.
What comes next for spring sports at Hills?
Jacob Charnow, Sports Editor • May 12, 2020
The Hills baseball team will miss out on a chance for a three-peat state championship this year. Beloved trips for spring sports, including for baseball and softball to Myrtle Beach, have been canceled.
It is important to support yourself physically while at home. Although it might not have the same equipment as a gym, improvising and doing something is better than nothing.
How to stay active during quarantine
Izzy Frangiosa, Sports Editor • May 4, 2020

Going to the gym is a daily routine that many enjoy, and one that is no longer possible with the coronavirus outbreak. With sports also canceled, many students are...

The National Football League
A different type of draft
Jacob Charnow, Sports Editor • April 28, 2020

Scheduled for April 23, the National Football League draft was set to take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, with what was considered by many to be one of the most talented...

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From a senior during the coronavirus pandemic

Sofia Papadopoulos, Editor-in-Chief
May 9, 2020

These are the small things, often overlooked, that we are all upset about, as they are the last moments we have together.

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How virtual learning is obfuscating self-image

Claudia Kim, Opinion Editor
April 29, 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has restricted learning to the personal realm of one’s home. The 21st century’s technological mastery has allowed for a relatively seamless transition mainly by replacing face-to-face...

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Privilege during a pandemic: how cancel culture continues in quarantine

Lauren Eusebio, Opinion Editor
April 16, 2020

The function of sharing photos on social media has always been to display the best parts of yourself –– the parts that, although may be fabricated, pitch your lifestyle as being ideal. This social...

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Dear Class of 2020 by Sofia Papadopoulos
‘They did not have any tests’: how Covid-19 tore through the tri-state area

Jared Mitovich, Editor-in-Chief

Why has Covid-19 so thoroughly devastated the tri-state area in particular? With insight from a Woodcliff Lake resident who tested positive, the larger picture can help us combat future pandemics and get through this one safely.

What ‘just doing my job’ now means

Jared Mitovich, Editor-in-Chief

We must give a hand to those who are risking their well-being for everyone’s –– they include our friends, fellow students, and family members. 

The Great Gatsby as an exposè of the 1920s

Siera Boffa, Social Media Editor

The roaring 20s were a time of partying, passion, and excitement. This decade was filled with new music, fashionable style, and extravagant living. But was that all?  The Great Gatsby, written in 1925...

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