Starbucks: Let’s be honest here, their food is amazing. Three words: Their. Grilled. Cheese. When asking Alice Gradzki, a starbucks worker, about her opinions on the grilled cheese, she said “it’s good with sriracha,” smart idea. It’s easy, quick. If you want a good sandwich that you’ll probably regret eating later, along with your favorite drink, it’s a perfect match. If anyone needs a new drink recommendation, be sure to ask either me or Alice, but for those who order the “pink drink with sweet cream cold foam,” change yourself.

Online menu: 

What’s faster: ordering online or going in store? Sit down?

To go?

Good to save?

Toss it?



Distance from hills
Ordering online ✓ To go ✓ Toss it ✓ $$ 4 minute drive


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