Pascack Playlist

“I was really into Avril Lavigne. Her song smile, gets me everytime. Oh, and if I had Bieber, I for sure would've dropped 50 points a game,” Lampert quotes. 

Siera Boffa, Social Media Editor

Getting your adrenaline pumping before an athletic event is always key. From Track to Basketball to Dance and everything in between, it’s vital to get a good warm up before competing. One important and universal aspect of the pre-event hype up, is the warm up playlist athletes assemble and listen to. In fact the most interesting part is how different each playlist can be.

“Well as a team we listen to the big booty remix, we pick a new one each year. It’s all upbeat and happy. We feel connected as a team and because it’s the same mashup each week we tend to get into a routine which is also nice,” Junior Varsity Volleyball star Christina Kim said.

Many Athletes might opt for a lighthearted and fun warm up song to get the blood pumping as the Pascack Hills Varsity Volleyball team does. On the other hand, more aggressive sports such as football might take a different approach. 

“I like to listen to AC/DC and Eminem because they stimulate my emotions and can be a little more aggressive. It gets me ready and excited to play as hard as I can,” Junior Varsity football player Alex Kostansas said. 

As much as playlists can change pertaining  to the sport, music also varies due to a person and what they need to get in a good head space. 

Freshman Basketball coach and alumni Evan Lampert can attest to this fact. As being such a fierce and strong athlete, Coach picks a more gentle appealing playlist to get ready. 

“I was really into Avril Lavigne. Her song smile, gets me everytime. Oh, and if I had Bieber, I for sure would’ve dropped 50 points a game,” Lampert quotes. “I would listen to Let Me Go if I was feeling a little sensitive that day.”

Lampert will stop at nothing to find the perfect song for his playlist.

“I have a Katy Perry mixtape that nobody has. I went deep into the web for it,” he claimed.

So if your looking to create a playlist of your own, think of the purpose. What do you need to do? Every sport and every athlete is different, so picking songs that pertain to your mood and emotions before an event can be key, and offer you a better chance at success. Athletic Director Mr. Paspalas was asked what kind of playlist he feels proves most effective for athletes. 

“ I don’t care. Listen to what you want, as long as you’re ready to play passionately by the end of it.”