Falling for Fall Fashion 2013


When the air gets crisp, the leaves start to fall, and you start to see your breath, you know autumn is here.  Not only is it time for apple picking and cinnamon candles to fill your house with a cozy, warm sensation, but its time for warmer clothes and comfortable shoes.

This season’s new trends are bigger and more stylish then ever and spreading rapidly around the country!

Looking down the Pascack Hills halls you will see many young women with combat boots and chunky sweaters; graphic tees and cardigans paired with Vans sneakers.

Scarves are also back in the game, not only to keep your neck warm during the cooler autumn days but to add a bit more je ne sais quoi to an everyday t-shirt and jeans outfit.

Floral bows and a variety of dark nail polish colors have also been added to outfits to make autumn come alive in our style.