Winter’s Most Wearable Fashion Ideas


Peter Schuber

As the days grow shorter, the weather gets chillier. It’s time to set aside some of your fall outfits or layer them for the approaching cold weather. The winter 2013 collection offers some fantastic statement pieces. There are many wearable looks that people should definitely consider for the upcoming season.

Winter white seems to be a hot trend this season. From Tommy Hilfiger to Proenza Shouler, runways are filled with models walking in head-to-toe white. Since everyone has basic whites in their closets, this craze is a no brainer. This is fashion made simple; just pull together a simple all white ensemble.

Another star of the runways was green. From Marc Jacobs to Alessandro Viero, many designers created outfits using different shades of green, particularly emerald. They paired this vibrant shade with black, burgundy, gold, and white, which gave a pop of color to the outfits.

Prints were also prevalent in the wintery shows. From floral prints to leopard to tribal, designers are laying on the patterns for a look that pops. Printed styles are toned down with neutral colors and shades of black and white.

Designers also seem to love topping off winter outfits with a beanie. On the runway, beanies gave a unique look to the outfits and made the overall looks seem more casual. Affordable and practical, it’s no surprise that this trend has already caught on within our own school.

Leather is also a staple in many of the fashion shows for the fall/winter 2013 collection. Clearly, this trend is here to stay. Adding leather pieces to any wardrobe can give it edge and a sporty look.

Get ready to add over-the-knee boots into your Christmas wish list. Many designers, from Phillip Lim to Ralph Lauren, showed leather leggings with ankle boots to give the audience the illusion of over-the-knee boots.

So to recap, fashionistas, put white, green, prints, leather, and over-the-knee boots on your holiday shopping lists!