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Reporting with Hills Pride

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Reporting with Hills Pride

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Popular Makeup Trends

New trends are approaching and quite a few girls aren’t actually sure what these trends are or how they can benefit their look. Here, I will share with you some tips and products for different eye colors to make you look and, more importantly, feel great!


Brown eyes

Brown eyes are already dark so you shouldn’t add too much black (not a lot of eye liner, mascara, deep colored eye shadow, etc.). A good idea is to go with lighter eye shadow colors to make your eyes stand out more. Gold and little pink are perfect shades for brown eyes. My favorite gold is from the Sephora brand. Since I have brown eyes, I love using Falsies from Maybelline for a clumpy aspect. Pencil eyeliner is the way to go with chocolate eyes. For this, I use L.A. Color’s pencil liner. It works great and has different colors to choose from. For your lips, Rose by Laura Mercier deepens the look of brown eyes to add the perfect touch!


Hazel eyes

Since hazel eyes are a mix of brown and green eyes, they combine both eye color tips. Personally, I think gold and brown eye shadow looks the best. My favorite gold eye shadow is from Sephora. It has a great texture and makes your eyes pop. My favorite brown eye shadow is from the Naked 2 pallet and its called Snakebite. It gives a good tone for a smoky eye look. Pencil eyeliner looks better then liquid eyeliner with hazel eyes because of the tone it sets for your eyes. Also, clumpy mascara such as Falsies by Maybelline is the best clumpy mascara. It provides a fun look to spice up your look! For your lip-gloss, Violet by Laura Mercier makes hazel eyes stand out more because of its deep pink shade.


Green eyes

The key with green eyes is to use dark shades to deepen the appearance of your eyes. To do this look, I recommend the Smokey Eye palette form Maybelline. It shows you how to get the perfect smoky eye in a short amount of time. As far as mascara, Clinique’s high impact mascara adds a flawless touch to green eyes for a bold and elegant look. The Raspberry Sorbet lip-gloss for Philosophy is best suited for green eyes because it provides a nice glossy look, which looks best on green eyes.


Blue eyes

Light eyes need dark makeup to give them vibrancy. For blue eyes, just a little white eye shadow on the crease of your eye will be enough for the eye shadow. Personally, I like the white eye shadow from the Sephora brand; it’s not too dark or too light. Liquid eyeliner works better with blue eyes rather then pencil eyeliner since there isn’t any eye shadow on the lid of your eye. My favorite liquid eyeliner is from L.A. Colors. For blue eyes, the Lastblast Fusion mascara by Covergirl gives you long, elegant lashes, which is suited more for blue eyes. As far as lipstick, the Chubby Stick Intense by Clinique in the shade of Heftiest Hibiscus lightens up the look of your eyes.

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