Food Review: Tisha’s Main Ingredient

Food Review: Tisha’s Main Ingredient

Tisha’s Main Ingredient

301 Center Avenue, Westwood, NJ

When I opened the heavy glass doors of Tisha’s Main Ingredient, a new spot just around the corner from Sogno Coffee House, the first thing I took note of was the atmosphere. Tisha’s Main Ingredient’s atmosphere is not what most would consider “home-y” or “comforting.” Rather, it is very modernized, which is unique in its own way.

Tisha’s Main Ingredient is comprised of two dining areas: the main dining room and an outdoor patio. As soon as I was seated, I was instantly greeted by a waiter, who genuinely seemed happy to be a part of the staff. This may be a minor detail for some, but I think it’s very important that staff members are happy with their jobs, especially at a restaurant. It makes the dining experience, and environment as a whole, much more enjoyable and comfortable.

For lunch, I had a three-cheese mac and cheese, with bacon bits scattered throughout. The macaroni was cooked well, and the bacon brought out the flavors of the cheeses successfully, without overpowering the pasta dish. At a very affordable price of $13, I would definitely say that the dish was worth it. While, at a glance, the portion may not seem that big, I did find myself getting full after four-fifths of the way through my dish; however, that didn’t mean I was going to pass up dessert!

Tisha’s, although having been open for only a little over a month, already has some “street cred,” if you will, for some pretty amazing desserts, particularly the soufflés, which must be ordered prior to ordering your actual meal. Unfortunately, I was not aware of this, so when it came time for desserts, I went for the chef recommendation, and second best dish, in my opinion, the crème brûlée. The crème brûlée was very well made, and it only added to the enjoyment that it was one of the more affordable desserts on the menu. My friend, on the other hand, ordered the Fresh Berry Sabayon, which is essentially just raspberries and blackberries with a custard on top. In my opinion, the custard tasted extremely unpleasant, and it masked the freshness of the juicy berries, which were very good on their own.

All in all, Tisha’s is a hidden gem of sorts in the Hillsdale area. Surrounded by several other “hotspots” where teenagers commonly eat, such as Sogno and The Rolling Pin Cafe, I wouldn’t be surprised if Tisha’s Main Ingredient became the next big lunch spot.