Speeding Towards The Fashion Lane

Speeding Towards The Fashion Lane

It’s time to wake up and smell the roses because 2015 is just a few months away! Everyone knows that with a new year comes a new fashion trend. This past month, pictures of runway models have covered newspapers, TV screens, and magazines all across the country. Why? Because it was none other then the long awaited New York Fashion Week of 2014! There is definitely no better way to see the new trends for the upcoming year!

NYC Fashion Week_2

According to several articles, it seems like Alexander Wang stole the show this year. The seats were packed with excited people, ready to see his creations for 2015. Alexander Wang has created a line of clothing that shows color that is not too gaudy and showy but has a more natural look. The clothes consist of a mixture of black and white and a pair of bright-colored shoes or a printed handbag that makes the overall fashion quite interesting. Something else that Wang pulled off during his runway show was making sneakers a suitable item for women to wear. He was able to turn a pair of Adidas sneakers into a cool street style look formed in a more comfortable way for women. For him, it’s all about balance – his collection creates a perfectly appropriate look that any woman can wear any day. “It’s clear that the designer specializes in styles that are flattering for all women,” said Lindsay Powers in her article, Alexander Wang: The Hottest Ticket at New York Fashion Week.

However, it was not just Alexander Wang who showed beautifully created clothing. Every designer had very similar styles and collections that represented street style. Based on this year’s Fashion Week, it seems like street style will take over the hottest trends for 2015. What is street style? It consists of messy-looking clothing that turns into somewhat of a New York City-inspired masterpiece once correctly styled. Expect to see everything from boyfriend jeans, shapeless dresses, neutral colors, and leather jackets this year! Don’t forget to look out for Alexander Wang’s inspired sneakers because they are also definitely considered street fashion. Booties, Dr. Martens, and other heeled chunky boots will line the shelves in clothing stores along with big round sunglasses and large tote bags to add on to the trend.

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So this year, get rid of those pink frilly dresses and Louboutin’s and hold onto those steering wheels because we’re racing straight towards the comfortable, casual, tomboy look of street style.