The iPhone 6: ‘Bigger than Bigger’ Isn’t Always ‘Better than Better’


For the record, I have not purchased the new iPhone 6, nor do I have the slightest will to do so, even after interviewing a delightfully informative Apple representative from the Apple store in Paramus. I also thank him for letting me grope the new iPhone for a few minutes. First of all, the slightly humorous thing about the new iPhone 6 and its Plus “Upgrade” is the size. I remember staring down at my iPhone 4S when I first purchased it, thinking about how far we have come from having computers the size of bookshelves to being able to fit it into the palm of my hand. Now, we have a device with a 4.7-inch display, a supposed upgrade over the iPhone 5’s 4-inch one. With the “6 Plus” reaching a display of 5.5-inch, I honestly wonder how large the next model is going to be. A bigger screen does mean more applications and room for icons, and these days, many people use their phones not just as a phone anymore; but, in this new rendition of the iPhone, the new space hasn’t really been utilized. It has bigger text and slightly more icons that fit on a homepage, but that is really about it. Most of the Apple employees that I’ve talked to seem to think that this is a godsend- yes, the phone does look more and more like a tablet, but in my eyes, it isn’t about the size, but how a consumer can use it.

With that out of the way, let’s begin with the juicy stuff. Now, we do have a 1334×750 HD retina display that does look “crisper” than my 4S and the 5, though it is not anything that I could not live without. It does have an upgraded camera, which with all the social media going around seemed to be a very liked feature (though I could not tell you that I use my camera to take pictures of my Starbucks iced coffee). Overall, everyone will notice the new auto-focus features, and playing around with that while taking pictures will be a blast. The video options received upgrades, with upgraded slow-motion features and some nice stabilization features.

I’m sure that by the time this article is out, that many of you will have already purchased the new iPhone 6. It’s understandable; these shiny new products are very appealing, after all, with their promise of being the best in the market; and, despite the fact that I will most likely not switch my 4S for quite a while, I can understand why this is the case. The new iPhone isn’t necessarily bad, not by any means, but it’s definitely feels underutilized; it doesn’t have anything that either I haven’t seen before, or something that I wouldn’t expect. I hope that, perhaps, in the upcoming months, maybe Apple will add something worthwhile to the package; something that can make me believe that the iPhone 6 is really “bigger than bigger.”