Most Anticipated TV Shows of the Season


Autumn is here, thus marking the season of new clothes, Halloween, and of course, a new lineup of TV shows. This season’s shows are filled with superheroes, CIA agents, and even some romantic comedies. Here’s a guide to make sure you don’t miss out on some of the season’s hottest new series.



Gotham premiered on Monday, September 22 on Fox. This new show follows Detective James Gordon and Harvey Bullock, who are faced with the task of piecing together the murders of Thomas and Martha Wayne, parents of Bruce Wayne. Detective James Gordon will forge a friendship with Bruce Wayne, molding him into the Dark Knight. Gotham will provide viewers with insight into Bruce Wayne’s past and childhood, along with insights to the pasts of several villains, such as Catwoman, the Joker, and Riddler.



            Scorpion, which also premiered on September 22, is a CBS series about Walter O’Brien, a genius who forms a team of super-geniuses to help solve global crises. This team consists of a mechanical prodigy, a world-class shrink, and a human calculator. These socially awkward geniuses must rely on Paige Dineen, a waitress with a young, gifted son, to translate the world for them. Scorpion follows these brilliant misfits as they use their intelligence to solve crises worldwide.


How to Get Away With Murder

            How to Get Away with Murder premiered on Thursday, September 25 on ABC. This program follows first-year law students as they try to catch the attention of their prestigious criminal law professor, Analise Keating. Keating invites them to work alongside her as she represents clients, most of which are probably guilty. Watch, and follow Keating and her students as they become involved in a murder plot.


The Flash

Another superhero series, The Flash, premiered on Tuesday, October 2 on the CW. This is the spinoff of the very well known show, Arrow, which is based off of DC Comics’ “Green Arrow.” The Flash follows Barry Allen, a scientist who witnessed his mother’s murder at the age of 11. After being struck by lighting and stuck in a coma for nine months, he gains the ability to move at super-speed. With his newfound powers, he sets out to stop criminals (some with supernatural powers) and scope out his mother’s murderer.


A to Z

            A to Z, whose premier date was Thursday, October 2 on NBC, is a romantic comedy, chronicling the relationship of Andrew and Zelda. Andrew works for an online dating company and hopes to help people find happiness. He is described as a “guy’s guy” who dreams of meeting “the one.” Zelda, on the other hand, is a “girl’s girl” with a rebellious streak. She is a no-nonsense lawyer, and she doesn’t believe in fate. One day, Andrew and Zelda meet, and there is chemistry between them right away. Both characters are forced to question whether or not fate truly exists.


State of Affairs

            In State of Affairs, which is set to premier on Tuesday, November 17 on NBC, Katherine Heigl plays the role of a top CIA analyst, Charleston Tucker. Tucker lost her fiancé to a tragic terrorist attack and is now on a mission to present the president with information regarding vital security issues in the US, which are the nation’s most prominent international problems. She is determined to punish those who killed her fiancé and bring justice to the system.