So You Think You Can Dance Tour

So You Think You Can Dance Tour

On Thursday, October 30th, children and adults alike joined together to celebrate something I hold close to my heart: dance. The beauty behind this art form is that whether you dance or not, young or old, male or female, it takes your breath away. Dance tells a story not with words, but with the body as the narrator. And who better to demonstrate this spectacle than the top 14 contestants from season 11 of So You Think You Can Dance, a reality television series that features some of the top dancers in the nation from the age of 18 to 30.

The show opened with an upbeat musical theatre number that got the crowd on their feet before the song even ended. The energy of the dancers was empowering, spreading across the golden architecture of the Beacon Theatre. Each number transitioned seamlessly from one routine to the next, and the audience watched in amazement as the dancers charmed their way through each piece. The more technical dancers executed every jeté, pirouette, and arabesque with precision and flawless feet. Those more focused on hip-hop made each isolation its own movement and carried the music through their body. The tap dancers shined in their own style, with each shuffle and riff a clear sound, all while carrying their upper body with a sense of ease. The most impressive aspect of each dancer, however, was his/her ability to excel in every style. Each and every performer was a well-rounded dancer. While they showcased their best abilities in their solos, either in pointe shoes or Nike Pros, and when they joined together in duets or as a group, they shined even brighter. Every ballerina could groove alongside poppers and lockers, and you could not distinguish one type of dancer from another.

The choreography was beyond superb. Taking pieces from the show and watching them on the stage was nothing short of breathtaking. The creative works of choreographers, including Travis Wall, Mandy Moore, Stacey Tookey, and Sonya Tayeh, showcased each dancer to his/her best ability, while still allowing each choreograph to portray their story. The dancers also lived up to each choreographer’s expectations, performing each piece as if they had rehearsed it for years, rather than a few short weeks.

But the greatest joy I got from witnessing this show was watching my friend dance in front of thousands. Carly, a recent alumnus from my studio, just competed in the show this past summer and made it to the top 14. Being able to watch a fellow dancer and friend live out her dream on stage was an inspiring opportunity for an aspiring dancer like myself. Through backstage passes, being able to talk to Carly and the other dancers was a truly rewarding experience. Each dancer was so down to earth, and even more, so appreciative of those who came out to see the show.

This was a truly inspiring night, whether you are a dancer or not. To be able to witness dance in such an intimate setting, with such fantastic talent, is an experience I will never forget.