Movie Review: Sisters

Movie Review: Sisters

By Alexandra Truszkowska, Staff Writer


**Warning: This review may contain spoilers!**

Official Rating: 4/5 Stars

Alert the media! Tina Fey and Amy Poehler have kicked the New Year in with a bang with their newest movie, Sisters. With just the right amount of heart touching moments, and comedic relief, this R rated movie will sure make you laugh out loud. Starring both Fey and Poehler, this movie follows the two sisters around in Orlando when they come back to see their childhood home one last time.a

The comedy starts with Poehler’s character, Moira Ellis, stepping outside of a grocery store and immediately approaching a man in dirty clothes that is sitting on the street. She scolds him for not wearing sunscreen and gives him her own. The man stands up and walks to his truck, saying that he has a job and a girlfriend. This leaves Moira looking stupid. Laughs were heard all around the theater, signaling that so far, all was on track.

The movie then goes on to show Fey’s character, Kate Ellis, who has a business in her friend’s apartment, in which she offers cosmetic help. While being introduced to Kate’s daughter, it is clear that Kate—who has just accidentally burned a man’s eyebrows off—is the “hot mess” older sister who likes to take risks. On the other hand, Moira is the calm younger sister who works full time as a nurse and often likes to work at animal shelters. She even has a dog named Polenta.

Kate is a single mother with a daughter named Haley who is played by Madison Davenport. Kate is just trying to do her best for her teen daughter, but usually fails to do so. Haley often runs away from home and doesn’t tell Kate where she’s headed off to, which stresses Kate out.

Both sisters live far away from each other, Kate in New York, and Moira in Georgia. However, when their parents, played by Diane Wiest and James Brolin, tell Moira that they’ve decided to sell their childhood home in Orlando, Florida, Moira must call Kate and tell her the bad news.

When both sisters arrive in Orlando, they meet a cute neighbor named James, played by Ike Barinholtz, and Moira is immediately flustered. Her awkward sense of humor is to die for, and James’s reactions are even better. Moira, who was divorced two years ago, is problematic when it comes to love. However, younger sister Kate is always to the rescue.

Moira and Kate must clean out their room before it is sold, and they spend the night reading old journals from high school, trying on funny clothes, and Kate even played her electric pink guitar. While rummaging through their old memories of days long ago, the two sisters have the idea to throw one last party before the house is no longer theirs. The theme? An Ellis Island party.

Kate suggests that Moira invite James over, which could get her love life on track. Moira has one request for Kate. For this last party, Kate has to be the “mom” of the party. This means that she must stay sober and take care of the guests, a job that Moira did when her cooler older sister threw parties in high school.

The rest of movie is a joyride that includes friends from the past, an old rival, and even some more surprises coming your way. Don’t worry; Barinholtz’s character does make it until the end. Phew! This is a great movie for any senior who wants to have a girls night in; just don’t forget the popcorn!