Six ideas to kick off your summer staycation

Many dislike sitting around and doing nothing. After all, we are endlessly told to be as productive as possible; therefore when the time comes when there is nothing left on the agenda, something seems out of place. However, summer is the time to finally enjoy the things around you without stressing over the homework you had due or the exam you have to study for.

That week or so between the last day of school and the beginning of whatever you may have planned during the summer (going to camp, relaxing on the beach, tackling a summer job, etc.) can be unamusing. This is your one week of the stereotypical “summer staycation,” essentially the concept of staying home during your vacation.

Here are six ideas to consider to make the most of your staycation:

  1. Be one with nature: Considering the 181 days in the school year comprised of tests, homework, and studying, it makes sense that you are not as connected with the outdoors as desired. Whether it is walking your dog, playing a sport or simply sitting outside and doing something you love (writing, reading or listening to music), being outside can definitely lift your mood. Click here for Yelp’s list of the top 10 parks in Bergen County. 
  2. Take time away from the technology: I know this can be hard for many, but take time to notice how much energy you invest in looking at your phone, laptop or tablet. What exactly are you doing on your electronic devices? Do you think that you can cut back using these devices in any way and possibly substitute it by doing something else?
  3. Clean, organize, and declutter: Get rid of the things you don’t need or wear and possibly even donate them. With this newfound organization, you will now have more structure within your life. This idea can take place with virtually anything, such as cleaning your room, decluttering your electronic devices or creating a new and more efficient daily routine for yourself.
  4. Become invested in a book: Yes, it is acceptable to read a book during the summer when it is not considered obligated summer reading. Read something that intrigues you! Click here for millions of options on can be a classic like Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brönte or a mystery like Defending Jacob by William Landay. Both are very good and well-known books.
  5. Go camping: This probably means there is no Wifi, but you will be with either your family or your friends, doing activities that you might not do on a regular basis. As long as you are not absolutely terrified of the outdoors, this is definitely an idea to think about. Click here for a list of campgrounds in Bergen County. 
  6. Take care of yourself: Self-care is something that might come easy to some people, yet difficult for others. Either way, you should not be ashamed of who you are. Take care of your physical and mental health by making sure you stay hydrated, eat enough, wear sunscreen, and have fun!