PETA Calls For Boycott of ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ After Abuse Video Surfaces

By Aly Cohen

Aly Cohen, A&E Writer

TMZ (YouTube)

Mostly any dog owner would know how special a dog’s love is. Dogs are best friends to people all over the world. The movie “A Dog’s Purpose” was supposed to be a movie that displays how important dogs are and how much love they can give. The movie’s reputation changed, however, when a video surfaced of a dog being forced into rushing waters against its will, which made people think otherwise.

The video showed a dog being forcefully pushed into rushing water while it resisted. PETA senior vice president Lisa Lange said, “At one point, a dog who is in danger of drowning has to be rescued.”

The dog appears  to drowning in the video..

Freshman Mirelle Joukhadarian says that the video is “… depressing and despicable. Because I’m a dog owner I think that the producer should be arrested.”

PETA stated in an article that, “…animal suffering is just ‘business as usual’ for humans trying to make a buck.”

On their Twitter account they posted pictures saying what a dog’s true purpose is to boycott the movie.

There are many people joining in with pictures saying, “A dog’s purpose is not to be in your movie,” or “A dog’s purpose is to be loved.” Many people have shown their anger towards the movie by protesting outside theaters.

Freshman Fatima Medina says that she, “…went from really wanting to watch that movie from not even caring [about it]. Like how can you do that to an animal?”

Many actors in the film have made statements about the recent video. Josh Gad– who voiced the characters Bailey, Buddy, Tino and Ellie–said that he was, “… shaken and sad to see any animal put in a situation against its will.”  

However, Dennis Quaid who plays Adult Ethan in the movie claims that, “Absolutely no dogs were harmed.”

This controversial video did not affect the sales of tickets for theatres. “A Dog’s Purpose” took in a total of $78 million in just two weeks.

Sophomore Jenna Cohen says that she, “…would still see it because I think the video’s fake. I would still see it even if it wasn’t fake.” There is no doubt that “A Dog’s Purpose” is a hit despite the video that was released.

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