Wonder Movie Review


Wonder came out on November 17th and has been sending everyone into a whirlwind of emotions since the second it hit the big screen. Based on the New York Times best-selling novel, Wonder follows the life of 10 year old Auggie Pullman, who has a severe facial deformity.


This heart warming story follows Auggie as he attempts to fit in at his new school. People stare and torment, but Auggie’s heart of gold shines through and eventually gets him exactly where he needs to be.


When going to see Wonder, many people were looking for how true it would remain to the book. With such positive feedback, it’s safe to say that the movie was a perfect take on the original. It brought Auggie to life for everyone to see, and followed the plot of the text. Many movies based on books tend to stray far from the original story. They exclude details and change the way characters are supposed to look or act. Wonder was an exception, and this was definitely what amazed me about the film.


Many students at Hills have watched Auggie’s journey, and had a lot to say about the 10 year old that stole their hearts. One of these students, Morgan Wahler, says “Wonder reached all of my expectations I had before I went to see it. It was so heartwarming and the storyline was so much more meaningful than many movies that have been put out recently.”


Like Wahler mentions, Auggie’s journey isn’t relatable to the lives of most teenagers, and no recent movie can compare to the story it shares with its audience.

Wonder portrays many uplifting messages, including the meaning of friendship, and how kindness can go a long way. A lot of other movies that have hit theatres recently are action or adventure, and messages tend to get lost within them.


Not only did Wonder go in depth on Auggie’s life, and its ups and downs, but it also showed life from the perspective of his older sister, Via, and to me, this was a very important perspective to see.


Junior, Sam Petrellese, says, “Not only did you feel bad for Auggie and learn about his struggles, you also got to hear his sister’s story and sympathize with her. I enjoyed learning about Via, and how she struggles too, because people tend to overlook the fact that siblings of people like Auggie suffer too from the lack of parental guidance in their life.”


The entire story is based around Auggie, but viewers have some sympathy for Auggie’s older sister. She tries to keep her feelings under lock, but Auggie getting all of the attention all of the time becomes depressing for Auggie’s sister.


While watching this movie, The audience will realize how challenging it must be for Auggie and Via’s parents to divide their time when they’re always worrying about their son. This was one of the saddest things about the movie.


If you’re looking for a down to earth film filled with heart warming messages, Wonder is definitely for you. Follow Auggie and his sister on their amazing journeys, and you won’t be disappointed.