Expect the Unexpected: Big Brother Season 20 Premiere


PC: Melanie Meisner

Melanie Meisner, Arts and Entertainment Editor


Summer 2018 was officially kicked off on June 27th with the start of a two-night premiere of CBS’s 20th season of reality television show, Big Brother. With no returning House Guests (HGs) and new twists, including a technological theme, host Julie Chen welcomed the 16 players into the house.

The 16 diverse personalities to enter the house include Winston, Bayleigh, Tyler, Samantha, Steve, Angela, JC, and Kaitlyn; Followed by Haleigh, Faysal, Scottie, Kaycee, Rachel, Swaggy C, Brett, and Rockstar.

Once settled in, Chenovision summons the HGs to the living room to announce that this season is all about technology. Soon enough the HGs move onto their first challenge, “BB Supercomputer.” The HGs divide themselves onto raised platforms into two groups of eight – four girls and four boys – where they would compete in their first challenge.


Being a Big Brother superfan, Senior Skylar Bachman was “freaking out” about what the challenges were going to be and truly thought and believed “Haleigh needs to win this.”

The technological system crashed, sending the first platform of eight HGs submerged into a pitch-black room called the “trash folder.” The eight HGs will have the opportunity to find seven folders, six labeled “escape”, and one marked “escape and play.” The player to end the challenge with the “escape and play” folder gain the opportunity to compete in the next challenge to reprogram the supercomputer. Angela wins the “escape and play” folder and returns to the house to see who she will compete against in the next challenge. Unfortunately, Kaycee loses the challenge and awaits her punishment.

Next, the second platform team is harnessed on individual platforms in the “cyber security zone” where they will have to be lowered into the pit to spell out “houseguest” using alphabetical labeled foam blocks. The first HG to spell it out eventually will join Angela in the second challenge of the night.


Swaggy C wins the spelling race and returns to the house first. Coming in last place, Samantha will receive a punishment.

Later on, Kaycee returns to the house wearing her punishment (and can’t take it off until the first live eviction); a rainbow unitard with wings and a “pinwheel of doom” that stops her from going to-and-fro rooms as she would like. Samantha powers up and turns out to be the robot in the house until the first live eviction. She cannot return in person unless hearing “robot online,” and “robot offline” over the monitor.


First time Big Brother viewer, Senior Molly Balsamides, claims, “I don’t know which punishment is worse. Kaycee is forced to stay in one room whenever the pinwheel starts to spin, but Samantha is a robot. No punishment is a good punishment.”

Back at the Kaycee-and-Samantha-less house Angela reveals to Swaggy C that she will keep her eight teammates safe if she wins the next competition. Although Swaggy C does not like to hear that she would not keep him safe from being kicked from the house, it only makes him want to win the next challenge even more.

The final challenge, “Surfing the BB Web,” placed Angela and Swaggy C onto mechanical surfboards where obstacles would swing at them until one competitor falls off. The last HG standing gets to “reprogram” the first week of the game. In the end, Swaggy C wins and reprograms the virtual game.

Swaggy C’s programming reward leaves him with the decision to save two of the four move in groups from the beginning of the premiere episode. Senior Jessica Martini was upset when she heard that Swaggy C could not choose individuals, only groups. In order to protect himself, Swaggy C keeps his group safe, along with Scottie, Faysal, Kaycee, and Haileigh.

On the second night of the Big Brother two-night premiere, the eight players not saved by Swaggy C take part in the first Head of Household (HoH) competition of the season, the “BB Circuit Board”. During this challenge, the endangered HGs have to “delete” their competitors by running across a balance beam to collect deletion dots to place in another HG’s tube, and be the last HG standing. Tyler wins the first HoH of the Summer and is overwhelmed with the amount of power placed upon him.

With one minute left of the episode, it was time for Tyler to nominate two HGs for eviction. He decides to place Sam and Steve on the chopping board because they were the first two people eliminated from the HoH competition earlier that night.

Before our system crashes, we are sure that season 20 of Big Brother is going to be bigger (and more technologically advanced) than ever.