Are iPhones Really Worth all the Hype?

A photo of the classic black iPhone X with a red protective case

A photo of the classic black iPhone X with a red protective case

Isabella Sanar

Almost every year, Apple, arguably the most well-known technology company in America, releases a new phone. From bigger screens to face ID, Apple seems to bring in a new, unique feature with every iPhone. However, it seems that with these bigger and better advancements, a higher price tag comes along with them.

The newest iPhones were introduced in September 2018; they include the iPhone Xs, iPhone Xr, and the iPhone Xs Plus. These phones are said to be better than the last one, and, apparently, you have to buy one because it comes with a slightly larger display.

Nowadays, an average iPhone costs around $700, which is a hard price to come by for an average high school student. However, almost every student in Pascack Hills owns an iPhone.

Samantha Chin, a recent buyer of the iPhone 8 Plus, states “iPhones are only worth it because they are a better quality than the other smartphones on the market, but they are still very expensive.”

In the end, there aren’t many reasons why the iPhone is so special. While they do have features that other phones don’t, it’s not worth it to spend $700 just so you can scan your finger instead of typing a four-digit code. Apple is essentially just a name brand, and that’s basically the biggest advantage to owning an iPhone.

“It’s a stigma, it’s like people will judge you if you have a Samsung,” laughed sophomore Samantha Mansueto. “Everyone has one, so it’s as if you need to have one too”.

These iPhones are what keep people fitting in; the reason so many people have them is because no one wants to feel left out. These pocket sized objects are costing more than they should, and increasing in price for becoming taller and thinner. Yet, people feel compelled to buy them anyway.  

Additionally, Mackenzie Carluccio, a sophomore, believes she feels “forced to buy the newest iPhone that comes out.” She exclaimed, “Apple not only tries to persuade the customers with commercials and features, but the older phones seem to work slower. So, you have to buy the newest one to have the fastest one.”

Apple has admitted to slowing down the old iPhones. They mentioned the batteries deteriorate over time, and this affects the charge of your phone. Therefore, after a new launch of iPhones, Apple will intentionally weaken your phone; that is a substantial amount of your money going down the drain.

All in all, it is time to stop worrying about what wifi you’re on and to start wondering if you made a mistake in buying an iPhone. So, the next time you purchase an iPhone, or any phone of that matter (because you probably will), understand that you will give up hundreds of your dollars to soon buy a later model in the years to come.