Big Brother 20 Winner is Crowned


credits- hollywood reporter

Skylar Bachman, Life and Style Editor

On Wednesday, September 26, Big Brother’s 20th season came to an end. There was a tight race between the season’s two strongest competitors, Kaycee Clark and Tyler Cripsen, and many were surprised to see Kaycee win it all.


This season is going to go down in history as the first time a lesbian has won Big Brother. On top of this, she is only the second woman of color to win first place, as the other woman was Jun Song who won 16 years ago on season four.


Kaycee has a large fandom surrounding her and many supporters who believe she was deserved to be crowned the winner. Kaycee is a professional female football player who came into the house ready to play the best social game possible, and it seems she did just that. Although Kaycee tended to lay low in the house and not get much blood on her hands, she showed her strength towards the second half of the season as she began winning HOH competitions and veto after veto.


Tyler, the runner-up, was thought by many to have finale night in the bag as he controlled most of the game from the beginning. Although many Tyler fans were disappointed he lost the opportunity at winning $500,000, he was crowned America’s favorite houseguest. As runner-up, he receives $50,000, and America’s favorite houseguest wins $25,000 which leaves Tyler with a grand total of $75,000.


Besides Kaycee winning the grand prize, the finale watchers were struck with another surprise. Big Brother houseguest, Chris, more commonly known as “Swaggy C.,” proposed to Bayleigh live on stage after being apart from one another for 76 days. Although the couple only knew each other for 23 days, they claim their love was sparked inside the Big Brother house and was never lost as Bayleigh attended the jury house and Swaggy C. got sent home early on in the game.


After the “blindside” proposal, Julie Chen allowed each final houseguest to make their final plea then it was finally time for each jury member to cast their votes to crown the winner of BB20. The votes fell 5 to 4 as Sam, Scottie, Fessy, Rockstar, and Bayleigh voted for Kaycee; meanwhile JC, Angela, Brett, and Haleigh, voted for Tyler.


Although many super-fans were sad to see the season come to an end, they were hit with the news about another celebrity big brother season that will be occurring in winter of 2019. There has been no information revealed about who the celebrity players will be this year or when the season will air, but many fans speculate it to premiere around January or February.


The 20th season of Big Brother has been one of the most controversial and drama-filled seasons yet. Many fans are hoping for even more game twists in season two of Celebrity Big Brother. As Julie Chen always says, “Expect the unexpected.”