Shocking Riverdale Return

(PC:Metro News)

(PC:Metro News)

*contains spoilers*


Riverdale returned to television Wednesday, October 10, with brand new plots and conflicts.  Between the devastating end to Archie’s trial and the new war that is possibly going to commence between the Serpents and the Ghoulies, fans are left to make their own predictions about what is to come for the Riverdale characters.  


The latest episode starts at the end of the summer, showing the events that followed Archie’s sentencing. Archie pleaded guilty for a lesser sentence and was sent to juvenile detention, leaving Veronica with a desire for vengeance against her father.  Her father found it necessary to punish her for her loss of loyalty to him in the past season so he framed her boyfriend for a murder that his personal driver committed.


Additionally, the new Serpent King, Jughead, rallys his new group of gang members to go rescue one of the serpent mascot from an enemy gang. This was potentially the start of a war between the Serpents and rival gang, the Ghoulies.


Finally, the kickoff of season three focused on Betty coping with her father’s horrible actions as the Black Hood. The episode closes with Betty fainting as she sees her mother and sister performing spiritual acts on her newborn niece and nephew. Ending the episode with Betty on fainting and falling into a seizure left fans wondering what was to come for the Serpent queen after she coped with her traumas in unhealthy ways all summer.  


Based on these new events in the season premiere, fans are left with different ideas on what is to come in the new season.  Freshman Juliana Winograd stated, “I was shocked at what the show had come up with. I think the new storyline with Betty going insane for not seeking treatment after her father’s arrest is a really interesting idea that I want to watch more.”

Freshman Olivia Rakocy says, “I thought the season premiere was worth the wait but I don’t like how they are trying to throw in so many different conflicts at once.” Fans had different opinions on the show.  

Riverdale has left its audience with multiple questions on the fate of the Archie Comics characters. This episode foreshadows an action-packed season that leaves fans in suspense who are both pleased and displeased with the route the show has taken.  The producers and cast have not released any information on the next episode other than a brief preview that is unfortunately the closest outlet the fans have to answers until second episode is released this upcoming Wednesday.