New to Netflix: December Edition


PC: Melanie Meisner

As Thanksgiving festivities come to an end and Santa Claus comes to town, the cold weather brings a change in your Netflix queue. Aside from Holiday movies, here are the top 5 films coming to Netflix in December.

  1. Michael Jackson’s This Is It

For any fans of Michael Jackson, THIS IS the documentary for you. Uploaded on December 10, this film, directed by Kenny Ortega, shows backstage footage, rehearsals, and never-before-seen recordings from his sold out tour in London. Relive the 70s and 80s by hitting play on your remote and living the Michael Jackson experience.

  1. Fuller House, Season 4

“Whatever happened to predictability?” Everyone could have guessed that Fuller House would be returning to Netflix for a fourth season on December 14th. The sequel of the 90s hit Full House features the Tanner sisters, Kimmy Gibbler, and their kids all living in the Tanner house in San Francisco.

  1. 8 Mile

If you’re an Eminem fan, December 1st should be a special date for you. In Detroit, Michigan, 8 Mile is the city limit that separates Eminem’s character psychologically from who he truly wants to be – with some rap battles inbetween.

  1. Springsteen on Broadway

If you weren’t able to score tickets to Springsteen’s October 2017 performances at the Walter Kerr Theatre in New York City, the inner fangirl in you should be jumping up and down right now. On December 15, you’ll be able to binge Springsteen on Broadway over and over again until My Hometown is stuck in your head.

  1. The Big Lebowski

If you were mistaken for a millionaire-celebrity with the same name as you, what would you do? With his bowling buddies, Jeff Lebowski…well, you’ll have to see what happens next when The Big Lebowski comes to Netflix on December 1st.


If you don’t own Netflix, should consider adding the streaming-site on your Christmas/Hanukkah list. So, what will you binge next?