Is the“All Too Well” short film turning the internet against Jake Gyllenhaal?

Many fans were ecstatic after hearing Swift’s “All Too Well” was going to be revamped in her re-recorded album since many have had strong feelings about her relationship with Gyllenhaal from the beginning.

Is the“All Too Well” short film turning the internet against Jake Gyllenhaal?

Award winning artist Taylor Swift has been rerecording all of her older albums in order to take back her rights to her lost albums. On November 12th, she re-released her album “Red,” originally released in 2012.


Hills staff member Ms. Yeam chimed in saying, “This is best album that has been released recently!”


Along with “Red”’s original tracks, Swift also released 10 “vault” tracks–tracks that were cut out of the original album.


For instance, “All Too Well (10 Minute Version)” is a song “(From the Vault).” Although this song is a special vault track, “All Too Well” was originally released in 2012. In an interview Swift mentioned that when she first wrote the song it was about 10 minutes long and she had to filter it down to normal song length.


Many fans were ecstatic after hearing this song was going to be included in the album since many have had strong feelings about this relationship from the beginning. 


“Jake Gyllenhaal was a 30 year old man when he and Taylor Swift started dating, So the fact that he then went on to gaslight her when she was a child is despicable,” shared Hills freshman Rily Alexander.  


Ever since, fans have been longing to hear the full version and hoping Swift would release on the “Red” recordings and she did! It broke the record for longest song to reach Billboard Hot 100’s.


Along with this track, the “All Too Well” short film was uploaded to YouTube, starring Sadie Sink, Dylan O’Brien, and Swift as herself, who also wrote and directed the film. 


Swift has never come out and said this song is about Gylenhaal but many of her lyrics allude to it. 


She repeatedly mentions the “scarf” she left at his sister’s place that was never returned. In 2012 news outlets all over the country were flooded with these images of Swift in a scarf and Maggie Gyllenhaal, Gyllenhaal’s sister. It’s common knowledge to Swift’s fans that Gyllenhaal was in possession of this scarf as there’s photo evidence of him wearing it.


Also in the song she sings, “You kept me like a secret, but I kept you like an oath.” This is accompanied by scenes in the short film of Dylan O’Brien screaming at his phone. and Although we can’t hear him, some

fans believe that he is saying. “This is my career.” This further confirms that “All Too Well” is about Gyllenhaal because he, at the time he was dating Swift, was scared of being shown in a bad light from when she was 20 and he was 28.


Along with this another lyric reads, “And I was never good at telling jokes, but the punch line goes I’ll get older, but your lovers stay my age.” People believe this to be about Gyllenhaal from interviews where he would tell Swift that she wasn’t funny, along with many other hurtful comments.


The second part of the lyrics could also not only be a nod to Gyllenhaal, or every other man in Hollywood. Gyllenhaal’s current girlfriend, Jeanne Cadieu, is 25, only 3 years older than Swift; she dated him back in 2011 but Gyllenhaal is now 12 years older, making him 40. 


These lines along with many others embedded into the song made the internet furious with Gyllenhaal.


Although fans of Swift have known that many tracks on “Red” seem to be about Jake Gyllenhaal, the re-releasing of the album, and the additional information we have received through the 10 minute version, many have been reliving it.


The release of the song and short film has had many revisiting what happened back in 2012. Not only Swift’s fans but major news platforms and brands, who have spoken out about how they feel about the situation.


It’s Taylor’s right to make her art about people and experiences that shaped her, no matter when they happened, and the theme of this song is one that can resonate with many fans. If people don’t like her content, they don’t have to consume it,” said anonymous Hills sophomore.


On the other hand, Hills junior Virginia Radcliffe said, “I feel like the situation ended a long time ago and while I love the song, I really don’t feel like there is anything against them… I feel like we all just kind of need to leave it be and just drop it.


Swift has been writing about her life experience and more specifically her relationships for years but events like this may draw concern if the public has overstepped boundaries. Many others say that songs with real life experience backing them up only helps listeners know that they aren’t alone. 


“All Too Well (10 Minute Version)” is available to stream on any music platform where you can form your own opinion about who was in the right or wrong.