Two new music courses offered at Pascack Hills

Students interested in Modern Band and Keyboard/Piano will now be able to enroll in courses.


PC: Briana Keenan, Photo from the 2021 winter concert.

Ms. Elkin, the Concert Choir, AP music, Lunch Choir, and Honors American Pop Music teacher, along with Mr. Dore, the Concert band, Music, and Guitar teacher at Pascack hills will add Modern band and Keyboard/Piano to the new list of courses. Students will be able to take the classes to fulfill their requirements or expand on them.

Students taking Modern Band will be able to discover rock band instruments of their choice, such as drums, bass, guitar, and the keyboard. Vocal techniques and programs that are commonly used in modern day pop music.

Mr. Dore hopes that his students will be able to perform their works in events such as the talent show, Festival of Arts, and Pep rally. He hopes that their interest in music heard on the radio will influence them to want to perform similar music to others, whether it is covers or original pieces.

Piano and keyboarding will be a class open to “anyone and everyone” who is willing to learn the basics of keyboarding, or expand on their basic knowledge, according to Ms. Elkin.

The class will be of mixed levels, and Ms. Elkin hopes to make an individual curriculum based on each student’s abilities.

The same idea goes for students interested in Modern Rock Band. Mr. Dore stated that even Mr. Wieland expressed his interest in the class. Instruments such as the guitar, bass, keyboard, and drums will all be used in Rock Band.

Plenty of opportunities will be available for performances, whether they will be combined with other band students, or their own band will be created.

Ms. Elkin and Mr. Dore hope the school will be able to provide money for the instruments and programs, allowing more opportunities for students to join the class!