College Corner: University of Wisconsin-Madison

College Corner: University of Wisconsin-Madison

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of visiting the University of Wisconsin- Madison. The University of Wisconsin is a public school with about 30,000 undergraduate students. Being a part of the Big Ten league, it is known for its great athletics as well as academics. With 139 majors to choose from, students are bound to find one that is right for them. Students seemed to be very pleased with their experience at the University of Wisconsin- Madison. The campus was truly bursting with school spirit.

It is located in a college town and bordered by two lakes. Students never get bored, as they have a wide variety of activities to take part in. While the city of Madison provides students with the opportunity to go out to restaurants and shop, the two lakes provide for a very serene area, great for outdoor activities. One must-see sight of Madison is the farmers market that takes place on Capital Square, right at the end of State Street. The two bordering lakes make the University of Wisconsin- Madison one of the most beautiful schools in the nation.

The University of Wisconsin- Madison has two main areas to live, about half a mile to a mile away from each other. One part of campus, Southeast, is a popular place for many students to live. This area of campus is known to be more social and is much closer to downtown Madison. Some dorms here include Sellery, Ogg, and Witte. The Southeast Recreational Facility is a common destination for students. It is a gym with an indoor track, Olympic size pool, cardio room, and weight room.  Meanwhile, there is also Lakeshore, which is near one of the lakes, making it a much prettier, serene place to live. This side of campus is known to be quieter. Here, students can find themselves living in Tripp, Adams, or Dejope, one of the newly-built dorms, home to many freshmen athletes. Here, students will also often find themselves at the Natatorium, one of the gyms, complete with a pool, weight room, cardio center, and cycle room. As freshmen, almost all students live in dorms; however, many upperclassmen choose to live in off-campus apartments in the city of Madison.

The University of Wisconsin also provides students with a wide ranger of majors. Two of the most popular majors are journalism and business. If a student wants to major in journalism or business, they must apply to these separate schools once they are attending the University of Wisconsin. If one chooses to attend the University of Wisconsin, there is no doubt that they will find a major that they wish to turn into a career, as majors range from engineering and nursing to drama and interior design.

There are also a lot of opportunities for students to get involved around campus. These provide students with a good way to socialize and meet new people, as well as build up their resume. With over 800 clubs to choose from, students are bound to find their niche. For those interested in writing, there are two student newspapers for students to write for and get involved in. There are also many recreational and club teams for students to join, from flag football to soccer, volleyball, swimming, and rugby, as a way to be active and meet new people at the same time. Students are also provided with the opportunity to volunteer in many different areas, such as a local non-profit organization, a disability center, and hospitals. The University of Wisconsin also has an active Greek life, with 59 sororities and fraternities to choose from. There is no shortage of activities for students to get involved in at the University of Wisconsin.

The University of Wisconsin- Madison is a great school, filled with plenty of opportunities for students. Here, students can get a great education and have an amazing four years that will truly set them up for a great career. When I visited Wisconsin, it was clear that students took pride in the school and were proud to be a Badger.