College Corner: University of Maryland vs. University of Delaware


The University of Maryland and the University of Delaware, only an hour and a half away from each other, have various differences that set them apart as two unique, highly acclaimed universities.

The most notable difference between these two universities is the size. Universality of Delaware, for instance, is considered to be a medium-sized university with an enrollment of around 17,500 students. If a large university appears to be too daunting, University of Delaware is a good option. University of Maryland, on the other hand, is a huge university, with an enrollment of about 27,000 students. There are always new faces to see and new friendships to be made at University of Maryland.

Additionally, the atmospheres of the universities differ greatly. Someone searching for a “home-like” feeling at college will fall in love with University of Delaware. The 2,000-acre lush campus is beautiful during all seasons and is always bursting with activity, as freshmen are required to live on campus. The quaint surrounding town has everything that a college student could ever need, including a Chipotle within walking distance. University of Delaware is surrounded by multiple large cities, so internships are common; Baltimore is 55 miles from the school and Philadelphia is only 45 miles away! On the contrary, University of Maryland offers a much more suburban lifestyle. Considered a commuter school by many, freshmen do not have to live on campus, so there is much less of a community feel. Washington D.C. is only 25 minutes away, so most students at University of Maryland have internships and eventually receive jobs in the nation’s capital.

For those who challenge themselves academically, University of Maryland may be the right fit. Maryland is significantly harder to get into than Delaware. For instance, the acceptance rate at Maryland is 47 percent, in contrast to the 65 percent acceptance rate at Delaware. Also, according to Academic Ranking of World Universities, University of Maryland ranks at No. 43, while University of Delaware ranks at No. 151. Additionally, the top majors at each school differ greatly. At the University of Maryland, the most popular majors include biology, criminology, economics, and psychology, while at University of Delaware, it consists of business, marketing, social sciences, and education.

The student life at both universities is never dull. As part of the NCAA Division I Big Ten Conference, University of Maryland always has intense sports games where students flaunt their school pride for the Maryland Terrapins. Joining the sea of red, black and gold screaming fans is a perfect way to make friends at the large school. Additionally, Maryland has more than 800 clubs and organizations, and 15 percent of students are involved in Greek life. Similarly, University of Delaware competes in NCAA Division I sports, so attending games is always an exciting social event. With 280 clubs and organizations, students who are not into athletics can easily find their niche. The Greek system is much larger at Delaware, attracting 20 percent of students. The social scene is always active at both universities.

Regardless of the specific differences, anyone can enjoy his or her college experience as a Maryland Terrapin or a Delaware Blue Hen. Just choose what best fits you!