COLLEGE CORNER: Pennsylvania State (University Park)


Evan Lazarus

Believe it or not, Pennsylvania State has twenty four campuses! However, the most well-known campus is Penn State University Park. Penn State is located in University Park, Pennsylvania in a small state college otherwise known as “Happy Valley.” PSU has about 46,000 undergraduate students and has more than 950 clubs. Penn State is known for both its academics and athletics. Additionally, Penn State is only about 3 hours and 40 minutes away from Pascack Hills. Overall, students appear to be very pleased with their experience at Penn State University. The campus is truly overflowing with school spirit.

When I visited PSU last spring, I was skeptical because I knew about the large size of the campus. It is normal for a lot of people to become overwhelmed at the sight of this enormous campus, but trust me, it doesn’t seem that big. In order to help students deal with the size of the campus, there is a bus system to take them around to their classes or downtown to State College. At Penn State, the academics are not a problem. Because it is a fairly large campus, there are a variety of majors. On my tour, I specifically noticed that the library was beautiful, with three floors overflowing with an endless amount of books.

The best part about the school is that there is never a dull moment. With the large variety of clubs, students at PSU are never pressured to join a fraternity or sorority in order to make friends. The most famous event at PSU is THON, which is the largest student-run philanthropy in the world. Students raise money for pediatric cancer research and awareness throughout the year and participate in a 46-hour dance marathon – no sitting or sleeping allowed. How many colleges do that!?

As most people probably know, Penn State is huge on school spirit. When I toured the campus, there was only one rule. If someone shouted “We Are” you would have to respond “Penn State.” This was a great touch of campus spirit because everyone at the school was displaying their school spirit! They are a part of Division I athletics and they are in the Big Ten conference. Because of this, Penn State plays football at Beaver Stadium, which is one of the largest arenas in North America. There is room for over 107,000 fans! Apparently, the atmosphere on game day is like no other, with everyone dressed in the Nittany Lion blue and white screaming for Penn State. If you want a large sports school with a ton of school spirit, Penn State is definitely for you.

Penn State is a large college placed in a tiny town. Penn State practically is the town. Penn State has that perfect combination of standout academics mixed with insane school spirit that will set you up for future greatness. PSU even boasts the largest alumni network in the world! If you want small, Penn State at University Park is probably not for you. The sports, spirit, and large campus can be a ton of fun, but make sure that academics come first. The opportunities are endless at PSU. If you’re “considering” it, please make time for a visit. I promise that it will not disappoint, especially during football season.