Great to Be a Gator

Great to Be a Gator

To go to the University of Florida you should have, of course, a good GPA, impressive test scores, and visible passions. However, the one thing you need, above all, is the ability to take the heat.

After talking to current students and reading some online reviews, the feeling about the weather seems to be split throughout the student body. Some love the heat and humidity, while others feel it can be bit overwhelming. However, there is one fact that all University of Florida students can agree on: It’s great to be a gator.

The University of Florida undergraduate body is made up of a little over 30,000 students. The most popular majors chosen by those students are social sciences, engineering, business, and journalism. However, if one of those doesn’t spike your interest, don’t worry, there are over 100 other majors to choose from. When not studying, a University of Florida student will most likely be found cheering for their beloved Gators.

If you are looking for a spirited school, the University of Florida will exceed your expectations. There are few things that UF students take more seriously than Gator football. Students can always been found in the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium whether it’s on game days or on early mornings, running stadiums and watching the sunrise. If you want a rah-rah school, look no further than Gainesville, Florida.

It’s no secret that the city of Gainesville revolves around the university. Gainesville bleeds orange and blue with everyone, from the students to the locals, loving the school. Although it is no New York City or Los Angles, there are a good amount of activities to do. You can shop, eat, workout, and even hike if you’re willing to travel a few extra miles. In fact, Gainesville is generally ranked among the nation’s top places to live.

Attending college in one of Florida’s most livable cities definitely comes with its perks—great academics, stellar sports and plenty to do. If you’re looking for a school like this, consider the University of Florida. That is, of course, if you can handle the heat.