COLLEGE CORNER: Tulane University


Evan Lazarus

Tulane University is a private research university located in the famous city of New Orleans, Louisiana. It has a total enrollment of 13,531; 7,632 females and 5,899 males. Tulane offers standout academics and a spirited culture like no other school. Located in the “Big Easy,” Tulane is very connected with its city. Since Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans in 2005, the campus has been renovated and looks better than ever.

When I visited Tulane last spring, I was worried that the humidity of NOLA and the tiny size of the campus would affect my opinion. After my visit, however, I recognized that the campus feel is just like any other college, with a bit of uniqueness.

The campus itself is nice and small. It only has two streets running through the campus and one large quad called the LBC. Tulane is not a big “rah-rah” school because they are not known for sports or major school spirit. However, the newly opened football stadium adds a new dimension to the students, encouraging a greater amount of school spirit on campus.

Like I said before, Tulane and the city of New Orleans are intertwined. New Orleans is the most unique city I’ve ever been to. It has a community spirit like no other and it definitely rubs off on Tulane and their students. There are many things to do in New Orleans, which will add to anyone’s academic interests. Restaurants such as Elizabeth’s, Dat Dog and Domilise’s Po-Boy will provide students with the food and culture of NOLA.

Back in 2010, my dad, a Tulane alumni, wanted the family to experience the well-known tradition of Mardi Gras. At first, catching beads seemed silly until I realized that it was about catching the community spirit that Mardi Gras generated. Obviously, everyone has heard of the famous Bourbon Street which features live music everyday and will enable college students to enjoy New Orleans jazz daily.

Tulane has unbelievable research programs. However, part of the core curriculum focuses on multidisciplinary academics and community experiences. Tulane has a very unique academic curriculum. It is one of the few colleges in which their students are required to take a service-learning course to place value on public service and therefore to intertwine Tulane with New Orleans. This is unique because it bridges classroom instruction with the community of NOLA.

Tulane also offers the TIDES program, which stands for Tulane Interdisciplinary Experience Seminar. The program makes a meaningful connection that you can’t find anywhere else with the best faculty and a small group of students. These courses bring together small groups of students and faculty to explore academics and the city of New Orleans from multiple academic perspectives.
Tulane is very community-oriented. If you are looking for a school that is connected with its city, Tulane is definitely for you. Go to New Orleans and schedule a college visit because it sure won’t disappoint. As the students and the community like to say down there, Lassiez les bons temps rouler (Let the good times roll).