College Corner: University of Iowa, Iowa City


Contrary to popular belief, the University of Iowa is not surrounded by cornfields and farms. With over 20,000 students, the University of Iowa is located in the lively college town of Iowa City. Although it is in the Big 10, the University of Iowa is often overlooked by students of Pascack Hills High School. However, with great school spirit, a dynamic surrounding city, and a wide range of majors, anyone can find their niche at the University of Iowa.

Near the center of the University of Iowa’s pristine campus is the Iowa Old Capitol Building. This building used to be Iowa’s capitol building and is now located at the university’s Pentacrest, surrounded by five buildings. When the weather is nice, students will often use this place to study, spend time with friends, and just enjoy the weather.

Students of the University of Iowa love their school and their pride is evident. Students pack the stadium for football games, wearing black and gold from head to toe. Princeton Review ranked the University of Iowa as one of the schools with the most packed stadium during football season. Students take school athletics seriously and are constantly supporting their teams.

Downtown Iowa City is just one of the multiple reasons students love their school. It is a comfortable city, providing a variety of activities for students to enjoy. The American Institute for Economic Research ranked Iowa City as the #4 best college town in America, and for good reason. Iowa City is a clean, comfortable city, ensuring that students will always have something new to explore. Many students also take advantage of the many concerts that the city hosts, including the summer concert series. Everything is conveniently located both on campus and throughout the city, making it easy for students to walk to all of their destinations.

Furthermore, the University of Iowa has great student facilities. In 2010, the university created a new Campus Recreation and Wellness Center. Fully equipped with a rock wall, a competitive swimming pool, a jogging track, volleyball and basketball courts, and a café, Best College Reviews has ranked this #3 of “The 25 Most Amazing Campus Student Recreation Centers.” Meanwhile, many students would claim the best part of the campus is the Pentacrest, which contains four different education and administrative building, a popular place for students to relax during the warmer seasons.

Students can easily find people who share their interests at the University of Iowa. About 17% of the undergraduate population is a member of a sorority or fraternity, making Greek life a strong presence on campus, though not overwhelming. Students can choose from over five hundred student organizations, ranging from club sports to student video production, business organizations, and volunteer organizations. One of the most popular student activities is the twenty-four hour Dance Marathon, which raises money for the University of Iowa’s Children’s Hospital.

The University of Iowa is a great school to attend. Located in a comfortable city, students have tons of pride for their school. Once a Hawkeye, always a Hawkeye.