Stay In-State With New Jersey Schools

Stay In-State With New Jersey Schools

As seen in this year’s Junior and Senior summer reading pick, Where You Go Is Not Who You’ll Be by Frank Bruni, students are introduced to the idea that choosing in-state universities is sometimes the best choice for financial and academic reasons. However, attending these colleges are often out of sight and unlikely for most Hills students, even when they may be the best choice.


With 28 in-state opportunities, not only will one Ivy be found but many reputable universities are also found. Large campuses that entail the typical college experience to medium sized technology based universities and even the small shore point campus can be found in our glorious state.


Rutgers in one of the most well known (second to Princeton) New Jersey college with a large variation of location spreading throughout the five campuses. With New Brunswick holding the honors, business and science colleges, the town is sparked with the typical college town vibe including the state-of-the-art football field that every student will be visiting by fall. Having a 58% acceptance rate and a $14,974 commuter tuition cost or a $27,680 on-campus tuition, becoming a Scarlet Knight has never seemed better.


However, just 25 minutes from Hills is the quiet campus of Montclair State University. With the beautiful foliage that the town encapsulates and close to home feel that Montclair offers, all Hills students are destined to feel safe and secure when visiting or even attending classes on campus. For only $12,454 (commuter) to $26,912 (on-campus), being a Red Hawk is not only money conscious but a smart choice to students who are looking for NYC jobs after graduation.

A bit further down in West Long Branch, NJ is the shore campus of Monmouth University. Here students can find a small classroom environment with the beach at students’ fingertips. Although a bit more pricey at $48,304 (on-campus), students are destined to feel safe while still having a complete beach college experience even without being a large tailgate school.


The College of New Jersey, better known as TCNJ, is another well known college with lower acceptance rates and a more competitive application. Filled with students majoring in a variety of topics, TCNJ is destined to give students the skills they need to thrive in a work setting. Located in Ewing, NJ, the school costs $29,876 yearly for instate, on-campus students.


Taking the 45 minute trip to Seton Hall in South Orange, NJ will lead students to a large campus filled with both undergrad and grad students. For only $19,950 yearly, students are gifted a Catholic backed education that will lead them to high quality futures with the high level of education gifted to each student. Also, Seton Hall’s basketball team is one of the best, which means March Madness games live.  


Attending these state of the art, instate schools will not only lead to a monsoon of opportunities for academics and sports, but will save you tens of thousands of dollars. Not only will $50,000 plus tuition and fees not be a part of your yearly life, but the low costs will allow for greater study abroad opportunities and for graduate school opportunities.