RaiseMe: Redefining how students earn scholarships

All members are able to search up different colleges that users will be able to follow for scholarship opportunities.


College scholarships are seen as a mystical entity for many, with only scholars receiving 36 ACT scores or exceptional athletes playing D1 sports seeming to earn them. Now with RaiseMe, the opportunity to earn scholarship money comes to life for the average student . Over 250 schools have partnered with RaiseMe to display offered scholarships to students. 


RaiseMe presents multiple micro-scholarships that are available to each student through the individual information given to the app. Although it may seem fishy, these scholarships are legitimate opportunities that are often kept quiet during admissions but are open for students to apply for. The amount is an estimated winning, so in order to get the $5,000 you may be offered, you have to win the scholarship.

Using the app is simple, as students just answer a few short questions to set up a portfolio. Once the portfolio is set up, students can search up colleges and follow them to see scholarship offers for the different statistics they have. Based on different activities a student does or grades they have, different colleges will offer some level of money. 

“I had never heard of the app before now, but it sounds really interesting. It would be very informative to know what scholarships different colleges that I am interested in would offer me,” said Alec Boyajian, a senior at Hills. 

All members are able to search up different colleges that users will be able to follow for scholarship opportunities. Once having followed a college, students will see scholarship offers from the school on their homepage. For example, I entered in my freshman year classes and grades and three colleges –– Syracuse University, TCNJ, and Tulane University –– popped up with scholarships. Different colleges will have varied values for different grades or extracurriculars. 

A micro-scholarship is the scholarships which students can apply for based on their individual achievements.

After Aidan Kehoe, a senior at Hills, observed the app, he asked, “What is a micro-scholarship, is it any different than a regular scholarship?” Since RaiseMe calculates the micro-scholarships that anyone can apply for at any given college, what is the difference?

A micro-scholarship is the scholarship that students can apply for based on their individual achievements. Colleges partner with RaiseMe to create a program of scholarships. That is why the amount that different colleges will offer for the same grade or activity can vary.

But don’t get too excited with the $15,000 scholarship from Harvard because the scholarships are not guaranteed offers. Instead, they are opportunities that you must apply for and win to earn the prize. The money does not come through RaiseMe but through the colleges that partner with RaiseMe. This shows that the scholarship offers are legitimate because they come directly from the source, the universities.  

RaiseMe gives students the opportunity to view scholarship offers from colleges they are interested in based on their statistics and achievements. The ability to view scholarship offers from colleges can play a major role in the decision of college applications. This app gives students the knowledge they need while applying for different colleges.