College overview: Stevens Institute of Technology

Students at Pascack Hills interested in technology and science might find that Stevens is a good fit for them.


Sabrina Moe

Skyline visible from Stevens’ campus with new dorms being constructed.

Stevens Institute of Technology is located less than one hour away from Pascack Hills High School in Hoboken, New Jersey. With the college also near New York City, students can walk or take the PATH to access multiple places to hang out and relax. 

Consisting of 3,113 undergraduates and a total of 6,346 students, around 71% live on campus, although none are required to. Stevens is also considered a small school with a student to teacher ratio of about 11:1 and an average of 27 students per class. Close relationships between students and instructors can be achieved with this small ratio, which can help l achieve their academic goals.

Sabrina Moe
Palmer Hall Dormitory at Stevens.

With 35 undergraduate majors, students can choose from a variety of topics to learn. A few popular areas of study include engineering, computer science, science, business, and the arts and music. While Stevens is known for its STEM-related majors and studies, components from the arts and music are incorporated throughout its academic programs. For example, music technology is one major for undergraduates that combines both STEM and music.

Outside of academics, students can choose from a plethora of more than 100 extracurricular organizations. Different athletic options, such as archery, are also available for students to join. The majority of athletics involve joining varsity teams but a few are clubs.

Sabrina Moe
An athletic field at Stevens University.

Even though the Early Decision I application date has already passed, students can still apply to either the Early Decision II and Regular Admission deadlines. Both due dates are on Jan. 15, so make sure to be prepared.

With Stevens having an acceptance rate of around 43%, a little less than half of all applicants will get in each year. However, a student can have a better chance if they know and focus on the parts of their application that are being closely considered. A few of these important factors are a student’s academic ability (GPA), personality, and extracurriculars.

Students in Pascack Hills interested in technology and science might find that Stevens is a good fit for them. If they enjoyed classes such as engineering, science, or computer science in Pascack Hills, they could be interested in the STEM courses that Stevens’ curriculum offers. Stevens might also be a school that participants in Robotics would enjoy. Aside from academics and extracurriculars, the Stevens atmosphere could appeal to students who prefer a smaller school with an average of 27 students in each class.

Stevens Institute of Technology has a place for everyone who applies, so why not apply and see if it is the right fit for you?

Sabrina Moe
A plaque signifying the creation of Stevens Institute of Technology.
Sabrina Moe
Wesley J. Howe Center at Stevens.
Sabrina Moe
New dorms being constructed at Stevens Institute of Technology.


Sabrina Moe
The skyline visible from Stevens’ campus.