College Overview: Michigan State University


Located in East Lansing, Michigan, Michigan State University, otherwise known as MSU, is known for its Greek life, sports life, school spirit, and student housing. Over 38,491 people call this place home every year. If you are looking for a school with a strong alumni program and social environment, then Michigan State University might be the school for you. 

Home of the Spartans, many Michigan State students love to have a good time. While on campus, students look forward to meeting new people from all around the world. Specifically, in order to meet new people, many students participate in Greek life. With more than 60 Greek letter organizations, “Going Greek” can be one of the most significant experiences for a college student at MSU. 

A former Hills alumni and current Michigan State student said, “I am in a sorority and love it. Greek life is huge here at Michigan State!”

Sports at MSU are very popular among the student body. Game prices are not cheap game prices are not cheap, tickets can be easily purchased on the website. In addition, Michigan State Michigan State has a variety of club sports that that are run by students. 

School spirit is important to Michigan State students to Michigan State students. Specifically, they are always cheering each other on at sports games and around campus. Students love to put on green and white every game day! Everyone at Michigan State is proud to be a spartan. 

The same Hills alumni said, “Regardless of being in [greek life] or not, there is a ton of school spirit, especially around the sports teams. This is especially evident when speaking of the football and basketball teams.” 

In addition, once someone enrolls into Michigan State, he or she will need a place to live. Freshmen are required to live in dorms on campus. At Michigan State, students can live in the North Neighborhood, East Neighborhood, South Neighborhood, or the River Trail Neighborhood. Additionally, students may choose to live in apartments on campus. 

The same Hills alumni states, “I am in the Honors Program and I had to live on campus for the first two years, and could not have a car the first year. However, I had a car the second year. I enjoyed living with the honors students because as a cohort, we were able to collaborate with our fellow classmates and create study groups, especially with those of the same major”. 

Overall, many people would say that they love and enjoy their years at Michigan State.  For those who decide they want to apply, there is still time.  The university is accepting regular decision applications until February 01, 2022.  Good luck to all who apply!