Zamora Becomes Full-Time Teacher

By Sofia Papadopoulos


Señora Zamora in her classroom.

In 2015, Lucia Zamora had walked through the halls of Pascack Hills, just as any of us had. She got to her classroom and began her role in the life of the Hills community. Zamora had just began her first day of teaching students at Hills as a temporary Spanish teacher.

It has been one year of Zamora’s presence in our halls and a change has been made. On June 27, Zamora was hired as a full time teacher at Hills, with recommendation from the superintendent.

Within the past few years Zamora believes Hills’ students has taught her a lot. She states, “It is not a competition between students, it’s like when we help each other we build something bigger than what we could’ve achieved independently.”

She explains, “For me, teaching is having good relationships with the kids, so when I go to the supermarket and see my students working I can introduce them to my kids and that’s something I really like about being part of this community.”

Students are benefiting and happy with Zamora’s presence in the school. Freshman Tim Lonergan states, “It very interesting to have Señora Zamora teaching Spanish when she is from Barcelona. Also she is very enthusiastic and always has great ways to teach her lessons.”

Zamora was not able to think of anything she would change about the school, while of course maybe adding more resources for coffee. She loves the environment throughout Hills and is still adjusting to the American public school system.

Principal Glenn deMarrais states, “There are some infectious personality traits that I see in her. She is passionate about teaching, she is perpetually positive about teaching, and I think she is very patient. It’s the three P’s– passionate, positive, and patient– which I believe is infectious in the Pascack Hills learning community.”

Zamora states, “I really feel part of this [community]. I love going to Shoprite and seeing my students working there. I love going to the church and seeing students there. I love going to the gym and exercising with my students there. I love that because I feel like we can learn from all experiences and see each other at all moments of life.”