Becca’s Closet Donates 300 Dresses to Neighbor to Neighbor

By Sofia Papadopoulos


Sofia Papadopoulos, Editor-in-Chief

Becca’s Closet recently donated 300 prom dresses to the Neighbor to Neighbor foundation. These dresses will bring joy to many girls preparing for upcoming school dances, such as prom.

Neighbor to Neighbor is a foundation that offers food at lower prices along with housing help and second hand clothing. Since 1970, the foundation has been helping people in all situations, along with getting a beautiful prom dress for high school girls.

At Pascack Hills, most students know what dress or suit they want, how they want to arrive to the event, and the corsage they plan on buying. This all comes without a second thought, but in other communities dances aren’t this simple, due to financial difficulties.

Club president Sophie Barcus, said, “These girls can’t afford to buy their own prom dresses, so they feel they can’t go to the prom because they won’t have something to wear or they won’t look beautiful enough. By us being able to give all of these dresses to these girls, they can feel confident in themselves and have a good time at their proms.”

Over 300 dresses were donated in communal boxes for these girls to have a night filled with fun and confidence, without worry.

Member Melanie Meisner said,“We just had a ton of donation boxes around school and the community and just said, ‘If you have dresses, drop them off.”

Barcus asks that if students still have dresses keep them for donation next year, and spread the word. This is not a problem that goes away after one year, it’s something that girls will have to always struggle with, Barcus explains.