Dear Kathy


The current covid pandemic has me feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, especially at school. I feel that the pandemic has ended my interest in school, I no longer have the motivation to keep up with schoolwork, and I no longer look forward to school. Is there any advice that you can share with me that can help me feel more motivated and excited for school?

– An Exhausted Student


Dear Exhausted Student,

High school can be a tough time for many students, and the covid pandemic only makes it harder. With the covid pandemic and the new rules and regulations, it may seem like a lot of things have been limited or changed at school. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy school anymore! If you are feeling uninterested in school, one of my biggest suggestions is to join a club or attend a school game, to be able to grasp the feeling of school spirit.

Keeping up with classes and schoolwork can also be another large issue for some, during these times it is best to stay on track and remember your goals. When doing school related work, keep in mind what you are working for, what you’re striving for, what you will reach in the end. I highly recommend getting your work done as soon as you can, because the more time you put off working, the harder it will be to start. Once you start on time, you will end on time and can feel more productive. It is also highly important that you take breaks between studying/doing work, so you can refresh your mind.

During breaks, I suggest you do something active and engaging because sitting for hours can negatively affect you. Going on a walk or eating a nourishing meal is always a good way to spend your breaks!

Although times are extremely tough right now, it is crucial to remember not to stress yourself out too much and not to put too much stress on yourself. It is okay if you make mistakes and can’t be a perfect student all the time. Taking care of yourself is just as important as school, and your mental and physical health should always come first! Good luck!