Reporting with Hills Pride

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Reporting with Hills Pride

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Reporting with Hills Pride

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Say Hello to the “Gangnam Style” Marching Band!

The Pascack Hills High School Marching Band is back with a new, updated style and fresh music! As much as PHHS football games are fun to watch, the marching band adds even
more fun with its upbeat music and half-time show.

I had a chance to interview our PHHS band director, Dr. Chris Wilhjelm (or Dr. Bill, as he is affectionately known) to get the inside scoop on the marching band!

Ginny: What is the marching band doing this year and how did you prepare for it?

Dr. Bill: The marching band is playing three songs for football: Rocky from Gonna Fly Now (the one with the famous trumpet fare), the international dance hit Gangnam Style, and finally, Some Nights by Fun. The band started working before the week school started, working on the music and the drill of the placement. Afterwards, we practice every Tuesdays from 6-9, putting much time and effort into every piece.

Ginny: What are the benefits of marching band?

Dr. Bill: Well, first of all it’s FUN, and the music we play is popular which will entertain the audience in general. It [the band] is a great group of kids, and the whole objective is to be supportive and have a good time.

Ginny: Has the marching band become better as the years passed?

Dr. Bill: The level of the performance of the band has been consistently good for a long time, and yet there is still room for improvement and the members are working on it.

Ginny: What is the goal of the marching band this year?

Dr. Bill: The goal is to be entertaining and to be a good support for the football team!

Ginny: What do you want to tell the students who have not yet joined marching band or concert band?

Dr. Bill: Well, the doors are always open here, and we will always encourage them to become part of the band. Always try, and you will learn a lot here. It will be a great way to make friends with people who are in different grades. We have kids who have all different interests, but the one unifying thing we have in the class is music. Come join!

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