“The Pioneers Visit BMW”

On Thursday September 26th, 2013, the Pascack Pi-oneers Robotics Team, along with engineering students taught by Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Ostrowski, went to BMW’s Career Day. The event took place at BMW’s North American Headquarters in Woodcliff Lake, NJ.

The Pi-oneers learned about the many different aspects of BMW’s cars, starting with the different applications and technology used in the cars. For example, the 760LI and the M6 models both had an adaptor where one could plug in an iPhone 4 and 4S.

Denver Chernin, a sophomore on the Pascack Pi-oneers, was amazed, saying, “ I was able to connect my iPhone to the M6 and it was so cool! Then we moved on to learn about the new hybrid cars that the company is developing. Their new diesel technology uses three stages of pressurization to allow for more air density, within the cylinder. This allows their new diesel technology to operate at a higher efficiency, and work quietly. The cars had a carbon fiber body, and as of now there are only two in the country. In addition, we learned about the diesel technology being worked on, which emits less fumes than a normal gasoline car.”

Pi-oneer Chris Hanna said, “We got to see how BMW is advancing hybrid and electric technology and I really enjoyed it.”

Furthermore, the students in attendance learned how BMW plans to become an almost zero emissions company.

The group loved the trip and hopes to be invited back next year to see how the technology has advanced throughout the year.