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Reporting with Hills Pride

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Reporting with Hills Pride

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PHHS Band & Choir Members Accepted Into Bergen County & Region Groups

On December 5th, 2013, qualified students from PHHS concert band tried out for the Bergen County Band/Chorus audition at Paramus High School. Bergen County Band/Chorus is a program where proficient musicians from Bergen County audition and get picked to become part of a great, specialized band. The level goes up, as there are also Region Band, All-State Band, and even National Band. There are only three rehearsals for the program, yet they always have absolutely marvelous performances.

This year, Daniella Roitman (string bass), Marc Solomon (trumpet), Kelly Gao (flute), and myself (clarinet) were accepted to perform with the Bergen County Band. Gabrielle Liariano and Jillian Richmond were accepted to sing with the Bergen County Choir as well as Region Choir.

I had a chance to do a short interview with two of the accepted members, Daniella Roitman and Kelly Gao, on how they felt about the band and the performance last week.


Ginny: How did it feel to be accepted into Bergen County Band/ Choir?

Kelly: I felt ecstatic to be accepted into the Bergen County band. This was my first year, and I enjoyed making music with the best high school musician of Bergen County.

Daniella: This was also my first time trying out and being accepted to Bergen County Band and although it was a nerve-wracking experience, I was extremely glad that I made it past auditions!


G: What was the fun about it?

K: I thought the fact that we able to practice together and hear the very noticeable improvements the very next time we played together even during the rehearsal was very fun and cool.

D: It was fun to meet new people from across the county and be among other amazing musicians – it was a completely different experience from the PHHS band room.


G: Name one thing that County Band has that the school band does not.

K: The county band has a balanced ensemble with the right number of each instrument so that the sound is very harmonious.

D: Definitely 100% concentration from the kids throughout rehearsal, and they try their hardest.


G: Besides learning music, what else did you obtain from getting in the auditions?

K: By auditioning I learned to overcome my nervousness with auditions and performing in a competitive setting.

D: I obtained new and fast learning skills as well as new friends!


G: Were you satisfied with the concert last Sunday?

K: I thought that concert was great for only having three practices, but at the same time I thought that we could have definitely raised the performance level if we had more practices.

D: After only rehearsing with the band for one week, the concert sounded as if we had been practicing for more than a month. I was more than satisfied with the concert last Sunday.


G: Any tips for future students trying out for the auditions?

K: Don’t be nervous, because you have practiced hard enough. Flutes, remember to wear gloves to keep your hands warm!

D: Work hard at knowing your part well, and when auditions day comes, do your best to stay calm and not let the stress of auditions affect your playing!


Good luck to those of you trying out for Bergen County Band/Choir auditions next year, and again, congratulations to those accepted this year.

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