The PHHS Concert Band is Back Just in Time for Spring!


Last month the PHHS concert band played a fantastic performance for the audience, performing five different pieces. The first piece was “Hail to the Spirit of Liberty,” a classic John Philip Sousa march that captivated the people’s attention in the beginning with its fast tempo.

Next up was the “Suite Provençale,” a type of Renaissance music with four movements, each consisting of different tempos. The audience was able to feel the sense of 1400s music in the modern day through this piece. Following that was the piece called “Finding My Way,” composed by Mr. Chris Bernotas, who was the guest conductor of the night.

The band is thankful, as Mr. Bernotas was able to attend and conduct for the piece during the concert. Finally, after the grand “Harry Potter and Order of Phoenix” piece was the “Highland Rhapsody” which is a mix of upbeat and slow song that wrapped up the concert.

Along with the PHHS band, the Woodcliff Lake Middle School Band and Fieldstone Middle School Band performed with the PHHS band the same evening, and each performed one piece that was composed and also conducted that night by Mr. Bernotas.

All bands sounded excellent and received a huge round of applause from the audience, including Mr. DeMarrais. The band hopes everyone enjoyed the performance that night, and if you missed it, stay tuned for the next concert and experience the same musical feelings as the ones who did on March 19th!