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Reporting with Hills Pride

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Reporting with Hills Pride

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What You May Not Know About Our Teachers

Whether it’s a hobby, activity, sport, or pastime, most students can name something they enjoy doing for fun.

Although some might assume that teachers live, breath, and sleep school, you may be surprised to know that many of them participate in activities similar to those that you do.

I wondered if any fellow students knew anything about their teachers’ outside interests, so I began to question a few. I received a lot of blank, confused stares or simple shakes of the head.

Finally, I found someone who knew something about one of our teachers’ hobbies. Mr. Sandt plays in a band, similar to many students who performed in or attended PHHS’ Bandemonium on March 27th.

I later decided to ask a few of my own teachers about their personal interests.

I found out that Mr. Shields not only likes to travel (like many of the students looking forward to spring break), but he also enjoys scuba diving.

Quite a few PHHS teachers love sports as well. A number of teachers coach various sports at Hills, and many are avid sports fans. Some are even active sports participants.

Many teachers enjoy spending time with their families and friends, just as many of us do. Mrs. Olszewski-Garcia told me that she loves to spend time with her two kids and husband after school hours. I know that finding time to talk and hang out with my mom and brothers is extremely important. Mrs. Olszewski-Garcia shares this belief, as I’m sure many Hills’ students do, also.

Most people have a passion for something, and this includes our teachers. They may play an instrument or participate in a sport. Some may enjoy dancing or cooking.

It’s easy to think of teachers as adults who simply teach us and then go home. But teachers have lives too, and they’re not very different from ours.

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