Senior Advice

As this summer just rounds the corner, the high school experience for class of 2014 is quickly coming to an end. Our graduating seniors have experienced the glory that is Pascack Hills for four years and have some advice to share with us. During a few interviews, a reoccurring theme concerning senior advice was not to let “Senioritis” get the best of you. For many seniors, naturally the mindset is that once you get into college, you are finally done with high school! If “senioritis” does get the best of you, though, colleges are fully capable of pulling your acceptance because of the potential downfall of your grades. Fight the “senioritis” with all you can!

Before anyone can even claim they have senioritis, the most important thing is to get your college applications done and over with! It is so important to make sure all of your essays and applications are completed and well-edited, because that will make or break you in the long run! Many seniors, when asked about applications, said that they made the mistake of waiting until the last minute to finish them; applications can pile up quickly so it’s best to start working on them as soon as possible!

While school work and college applications are super important and crucial to the next step in your future, it’s also important to make some time for yourself. Senior Jake Fischer emphasized that even though academics should be your priority, don’t forget to go back to your roots and have some time to yourself! “Work hard, but make time for yourself in the process because that’s what’s really important.”