Grab It While It’s Hot!


Bistro Tables Outside the Library

Not only does that apply to the hot food in the cafeteria and the gym, but it was also the motto on the first day of unit lunch. As all of Pascack Hills rushed out of their fourth period class, the halls were quickly flooded with students running to the line to ease their hunger and anxiety, as far as where they were going to sit. As the school year has progressed, students seem to have settled into their “reserved” spots to eat. Around the campus, plenty of seating has been made available. The gym seems to be filled with freshmen, while juniors seem to have taken over the cafeteria. Sophomores are split between the two.

The lunch situation was not as bad as some people thought it would be. “Additional bistro tables in other locations may be an option, as students seem to be using and enjoying them,” Mr. DeMarrais said. All teachers and staff have been helpful in accommodating students during the unit lunch. Lines are not unbearably long to get food, as more and more students seem to be bringing food from home; thankfully, the online ordering system makes life easier, too. Lucky for seniors, they have the luxury of leaving campus for lunch. The administrative staff has been pleasantly surprised with how efficiently and patiently seniors have exited and entered the parking lot. The unit lunch period also proves its success as it opens up opportunities for clubs to meet, extra help sessions during the day, and the opportunity for everyone to have a friend in his or her lunch period. The problems that students and the staff have been waiting for has proved not too bad thus far. Of course, we will eventually have to watch out for other circumstances, such as weather; however, I am sure that as the year goes on, the system will be able to improve and become a bigger success as a Pascack Hills “tradition.”