A Day in the Life of Ka$h Cruise


The man, the myth, the legend: Kash Cruise. Some students may see Officer Cruise in the halls and not know the story behind the man in the uniform. So what is a typical day in the life of Officer Cruise? An extremely busy one. During Red Ribbon Week especially, Officer Cruise’s schedule was jam-packed. After students watched a presentation on how dangerous binge drinking and drinking games truly were, Officer Cruise answered students’ questions and supplied vital information from his days as a police officer. Not only did he aid the binge drinking presentation, but he also popped in and out of classrooms all over the building. He spoke to the Forensics class about a Supreme Court case, and also held a student resource advisor meeting.

Officer Cruise doesn’t only lend a hand to classes that require legal knowledge; he is versatile in the information he dishes out. “If teachers find a creative or applicable way to use me,” he says, “I gladly step into their classes.” He proved that statement true when spoke to Mrs. Gamgort’s Financial Literacy class, educating the class about resumes and the impact of social media on one’s future.

Officer Cruise has had nothing but positive experiences at here at Pascack Hills. He said that he ended up at Hills with good luck and good timing. He was a DARE officer at the middle schools and was very content with doing that because he enjoyed being in the school environment. After that, he attended Student Resource Officer meetings. When the job at Hills presented itself, it was truly lucky timing and a perfect fit for Officer Cruise.

Talking with Officer Cruise got me thinking: If Officer Cruise could teach a Learn-to-Learn class, what would it be? He expressed much interest in starting a class that was music-based. Many people may not know that Officer Cruise is in a band: Cellar 13. He plays the drums in his band and wants to be able to show that side of himself to the PHHS community. Officer Cruise has been an extremely positive addition to the Pascack Hills staff and a great influence on our environment, ensuring our safety day by day.