Guys and Dolls-A Broadway Classic Brought to Hills


The plays performed at Packsack Hills are a labor of love; whether it is the hardworking crew behind the stage, or the actors and actresses showing off their talent to the audience, a dedication devoted to the end result is something to marvel at. Our adaptation of the hit Broadway musical, Guys and Dolls is no different. For those of you that have not acquainted yourselves with the general plot, Guys and Dolls takes place in the glorious underside of New York in the mid 1900’s. Our world is bustling with gamblers, gangsters, showgirls, and even some missionaries, desperately trying to save the formers from their lives of sin. We follow the stories of Nathan Detroit, the mastermind of various crap (dice) games around the city, trying to build up his fame and provide for his fiancé of 14 years, Adelaide. But in order to save his already slippery reputation, he bets one grand with legendary gambler, Sky Masterson, stating that he cannot hook up with the “doll” of his choosing, which happens to be a missionary, Sarah Brown. As usual, an adventure of romance, intrigue, and spontaneous songs and dance ensue.

And as for the quality of this Hills rendition? Well, if you have ever had to experience the pleasure of seeing any other Hills’ play, you will have a pretty solid idea of what to think. A fantastic art crew manages to recreate a wonderful version of the more “sinful” side of New York, along with some other interesting settings, and the folks behind the outfits definitely managed to enhance each and every character. The musical numbers are upbeat and emotional, and it is clear that all the cast members were enjoying themselves too. In the end of the shows, the audience gave a standing ovation for such a fantastic performance.