L’Harmonie La Croix Valmer Takes the PHHS Spotlight


Conductor Jean Luc Wastable introduces L’Harmonie La Croix Valmer to the audience Pascack Hills

On a crisp and calm autumn evening, the Pascack Hills Auditorium was filled with spectators from all over the tri-state area. They were in attendance to hear one of the most fascinating bands in the world, L’Harmonie La Croix Valmer from La Croix Valmer, France. The Pascack Hills concert band opened up the show under the direction of Dr. Chris Wilhjelm, who is in his 32nd year of teaching at Pascack Hills. However, for this special night, the Pascack Hills band took a back seat to allow La Croix Valmer to dazzle the audience with their entertaining music. Under the direction of Jean Luc Wastable, the band performed songs that capture the French culture both instrumentally and vocally, featuring over 30 band members and 7 soloists! Perhaps what made La Croix Valmer so special was their attitude toward playing their upbeat music. During every song, Mr. Wastable would turn around while conducting to make sure the audience was dancing, clapping, and enjoying the performance. To close the show, La Croix Valmer marched in a parade around the auditorium to receive their fourth standing ovation of the evening! The band performed in New York City and Ridgewood, New Jersey before wowing audiences at Pascack Hills, and their next show will be on Friday, October 23, in Las Vegas before they head back to France. The Pascack Hills band and L’Harmonie La Croix Valmer worked together to create a musical and magical night that will be remembered by every player and audience member for years to come.