Full Circle for Miss Curatola


Kristina Hughes

Pascack Hills is sad to say goodbye to Miss Curatola as she begins her new career as a guidance counselor at River Dell High School. As of Friday, October 30th, Miss Curatola was no longer a teacher at Hills. However, she will always be a Cowboy.

Curatola began her teaching career eight years ago, along with her coaching career. During her time at Hills, she was a math teacher, a freshman volleyball coach, a freshman basketball coach, and a varsity softball coach. Although she is leaving Hills as a teacher, she will continue to coach volleyball and softball, proving that her Hills Pride is infinite. Saying goodbye is always difficult, but this makes her leave a little easier to handle.

Miss Curatola grew up in River Edge, New Jersey and actually attended River Dell High School. So, she is returning to her own high school, not as a student, but rather as a guidance counselor. While in high school, she played volleyball, basketball, and softball with high recognitions in each sport. Curatola graduated from Bucknell University, majoring in mathematics, while also playing Division I softball for the Bisons.

During her eight years of teaching at Hills, Miss Curatola could be found in Room 248 of the math wing, now Miss Runge’s classroom. While in transition from teacher to counselor, Curatola became a swing teacher between Hills and Valley for the months of September and October of this school year.

For those of you who never had the pleasure of having Miss Curatola as a teacher or coach, here is what senior Hannah Hoffman had to say about her: “As a coach, she is tough. She really pushes you to be the best you can be, and at times, I didn’t like that, but after I appreciated it.” As a coach, Curatola knows what it takes to be successful and will push players in order to see them improve.

Junior Mia Gheduzzi added, “She is such a dedicated coach and teacher. She would really do anything for one of her players or students.”

A common theme amongst people’s descriptions of Miss Curatola was her dedication to her work, whether it be coaching and taking time out of her weekend to assist players one-on-one, giving extra help to students in need during the day, or tutoring students after school and during the weekends. Both Hannah and Mia witnessed her dedication first-hand through her love of coaching and involvement in sports at Pascack Hills.

After having her as an Algebra II with Trigonometry teacher, senior Dena Caparelli said, “She really cared about her students and was willing to help them whenever they needed it.” Her statement was similar, almost identical to that of Hoffman and Gheduzzi. Curatola’s dedication never faltered, despite the fact that she was working to earn her degree in counseling in the midst of teaching and coaching.

Even though Miss Curatola will no longer be present at Pascack Hills High School during school hours, her impact on students’ and players’ lives will be everlasting. We all wish her the best of luck at River Dell High School and with her career as a guidance counselor.